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Wanted: Jobless Brits Who Speak Polish or Romanian

Wanted: Jobless Brits Who Speak Polish or Romanian
(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Jobless Brits are having a hard time finding jobs because many prospective employers now demand they speak Polish or Romanian:

Dozens of vacancies on a Government-backed recruitment site require people to speak Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian. Agencies can advertise for work with language requirements where it is necessary for the role.

But an investigation by the Daily Express found companies are actively seeking security guards, cleaners, customer service advisors and teaching assistants fluent in languages other than English.

One advert on the Universal Jobmatch site stressed it was “essential” an experienced painter and decorator was able to converse in Polish.

The average Brit worker — cleaners, customer service representatives, teachers, and security guards — is now forced to speak Eastern European languages because these people have flooded his country in recent years. This is what the EU has wrought in Great Britain. It’s getting so bad that Tory members of parliament are now speaking out against their own prime minister, David Cameron, who’s the Conservative party leader but remains an advocate of continued, albeit conditional, EU membership. Tory MP Philip Hollobone says:

Whatever happened to British jobs for British workers? When ordinary British job vacancies can only be filled by people who speak an eastern European language, it’s clear things are now getting completely out of hand. The only way to stop this madness is for all of us to vote to leave the EU when we get our one and only chance to do so in the referendum.

Some examples of vacancies are: school cleaners in Oxford who have to speak Romanian, warehouse workers in Nursling who are required to speak at least one eastern European language, security officers in London who have to speak Polish, and steel fixers in the same city who have to speak Romanian.

One of Britain’s strongest opponents of continued EU membership and mass immigration is Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Farage is well-known in Britain, the rest of Europe and even in the United  States, where he frequently appears on Fox News and on talk radio shows. He responded to the report of the job vacancies that are targeted at eastern European immigrants, concluding:

It is clear Britain’s EU membership has had a devastating impact on the lives and prospects of ordinary British workers.

Fellow UKIP member Jane Collins, who’s also a member of the European Parliament,  adds:

Because EU rules forbid people openly discriminating against workers by saying ‘only people from certain countries can apply’ instead we see stipulations such as needing to speak a foreign language to do a job in Britain. It may be considered within the rules but in my eyes it is pure and simple discrimination against British workers who have been suffering since we opened the door to the whole of Eastern Europe in 2004.

And that’s the truth of it. The open-door policy, forced on Britain by the EU, is destroying the British middle and working classes, who suffer while the elites are enjoying life in their Romanian- and Polish-built palaces.