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Palestinian Terror Attacks Against Israelis Drop: 'Only' 169 Attacks in January

Good” news from Israel:

The number of terrorist attacks recorded in Israel last month decreased by 32 percent over December, bringing the total to a level that was last observed prior to September’s escalation in violence.

Isn’t that just great? Palestinians do want peace! They aren’t genocidal maniacs after all!

Oh wait, what’s that?

The Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet, documented 169 terrorist attacks by Palestinians on Israelis in January, compared to 246 such incidents the previous month, Shin Bet wrote in its monthly report, which it published earlier this week…

While the overall number of attacks diminished, they proved deadlier last month than in August and July, when no Israelis died as a result of terrorist attacks and fewer than 10 were wounded. Five Israelis were killed in terrorist attacks last month, compared to only three in December and one person in September. In November and December, 11 and 10 Israelis died in such attacks, respectively.

And 136 of the “incidents,” as the media like to call terrorist attacks, involved throwing firebombs at civilians or soldiers.

This is what Israel has to put up with, day in, day out, and the Left still blames the only Jewish nation in the world for all the problems in the Middle East. No other country on earth would be asked to accept so many terrorist attacks, but when it comes to Israel, the Western media don’t even mention them.