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Desperate, Dishonest Donald Trump Goes Birther on Ted Cruz

You knew it was coming!

Donald Trump said in an interview that rival Ted Cruz’s Canadian birthplace was a “very precarious” issue that could make the Texas senator vulnerable if he became the Republican presidential nominee.

“Republicans are going to have to ask themselves the question: ‘Do we want a candidate who could be tied up in court for two years?’ That’d be a big problem,” Trump said when asked about the topic.

This is how Donald Trump operates: whenever he’s threatened by someone in the polls, he tries to smear his opponents. He did so with Dr. Ben Carson, calling him pathological, and he now does the same with Ted Cruz by trying to convince voters he isn’t eligible to become president because he wasn’t born in the United States.

Sadly for the billionaire businessman, however, there is one minor problem: in September of last year he admitted that Cruz is eligible:

From what I understand everything is fine. I hear that it [Cruz’s eligibility] was checked out by every attorney, in every which way, and I understand that Ted is in fine shape.

As Mark Levin says: “Oh my.”

It goes to show just how sad a man Trump is. He doesn’t have actual arguments to use against Cruz, and so he makes it personal and utterly dishonest. The man has no scruples, no moral compass to guide his actions. He’s just willing to do whatever it takes to become the Republican nominee; if he has to lie and smear to do so, he’ll do it.

I have no doubt that conservative voters will see through his act and eventually punish him for his dishonesty and immoral behavior. After all, conservatives want a godly man to win, not a man who “does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

As an aside, this is the epic way in which Cruz responded to Trump’s smear:

And perhaps that’s all that needs to be said on this. Trump jumped the shark and is no longer funny, cool, or even mildly entertaining.