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As Hillary Runs, Marine Will Be Ousted for Emailing Classified Documents

A Marine and U.S. Naval Academy graduate who self-reported that he improperly stored classified documents will be separated from the Marine Corps Reserve following a decision by Assistant Navy Secretary Juan Garcia, the Washington Post reported Monday.

Maj. Jason Brezler’s emails warned officials about the corruption, including homosexual pedophilia, of an Afghan police chief named Anwar Jan, whose servant later killed three Marines and wounded a fourth. According to the Post:

Brezler’s case first came to light after he sent an e-mail with a couple classified documents attached to Marines in Afghanistan about Jan. Brezler was deployed to Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010, and had worked successfully to have Jan removed from power in another district, Now Zad. Brezler self-reported his spillage of classified information afterward, and the service found that he had been keeping it on an unsecured hard drive.

However unfortunate, the decision to expel Brezler for mishandling classified information is essentially orthodox.

But it came the same day the State Department released a new batch of emails Hillary Clinton sent from her private server while secretary of State. The latest wave contained 325 “confidential” and one “secret” email, rendering the batch’s classification rate 6.3 percent, and the highest so far, according to the Washington Times.

Clinton could not enjoy a greater contrast between her classified email fallout and Brezler’s. Currently Brezler works full-time for the New York Fire Department and will likely soon be discharged from the Marine Reserves. Clinton is the Democratic presidential frontrunner.