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Watch: Unhinged Trump-Hating Doctors Steal Senior's Trump Flag While Their Own Children Watch in Horror

Screenshot via Twitter video

This has to be one of the most disheartening videos to surface online lately. Two gynecologists went on a nighttime raid of their elderly neighbor’s home with their children in tow to steal a Trump flag off the neighbor’s pole. Representative Matt Gaetz posted the video from security cameras that captured images of the two criminals. The most heartbreaking part is one small child begging them to stop so they won’t go to jail while the other even smaller baby, wearing only a diaper, cries.

These two medical doctors were arrested and taken to jail. You can tell from their chipper mugshots that they still haven’t grasped the severity of what they have done. WKRG reported the details.

Geoffrey Michael Fraiche, 41, Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche, 38, were arrested and charged with criminal mischief, trespassing, larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Fraiche and Webb-Fraiche are accused of stealing the man’s flag on April 7, according to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Ring surveillance video shows the two driving up to the man’s house on a golf cart with at least two children with them, according to deputies. The report says Fraiche and Webb-Fraiche used a ladder to take down the man’s Trump campaign flag.

The man said their actions caused about $500 in damage to the base of the flagpole and the flag itself cost $200. He wished to pursue charges.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is ruining not only this country but families, minds, and sanity. Please stop. Get help.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter