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Spike Lee Mocks Free-Thinking Black Trump Supporters as Slaves

Spike Lee, the Hollywood film director also known for his stupid political opinions, got on Instagram to mock Donald Trump’s meeting with black leaders. Comparing these Republican black Americans to slaves, Lee wrote, “Massa, we love you Massa. We gonna pray fo’ you Massa. Singing- ‘swing low sweet chariot.'”

Lee’s sentiments echo most on the left who think that black people are only allowed to agree with them on bigger government, illegal immigration, and policies that have hurt the black community in countless ways. Trump, on the other hand, has actually fought for and passed criminal justice reform that even Barack Obama didn’t attempt. That legislation has had a greater positive effect on minorities serving overlong and overly-harsh prison sentences than any legislation any Democrat president has signed in the last several decades. Not only that, but Trump has overseen the greatest employment for minorities this country has ever seen.

But Spike Lee thinks that black people are too stupid to realize when the guy in the White House is enacting policies that benefit them. Lee thinks blacks should be rallying for the extermination of their race through abortion, which kills more black babies in America than any other cause of death. He thinks blacks in America should be agitating for illegal immigrants to come pouring over the border to take jobs and services away from the black community. It’s amazing to me that there can still be any doubt about who is for the advancement of blacks in America.

But minorities aren’t stupid. They can read, contrary to what Lee would have you believe, and they can see the benefits happening in their lives right this minute and none of it was ushered in by Democrats.

The video below shows black business owners discussing the benefits of Opportunity Zones that President Trump included in the 2017 tax cut bill. These zones offer investors big tax breaks when they invest in designated areas that need rehab, businesses, and jobs.

The idea that Spike Lee could complain about investing in black neighborhoods that have been mired in poverty for so long should be unthinkable, but he’s nothing but a low-IQ partisan fool. The young black leaders of today know a friend in the White House when they see one and they aren’t waiting around for Spike Lee’s permission to jump in and take advantage of the opportunities for their neighborhoods.

Trump’s approval rating among black voters is on the rise and the Democrats have every reason to be afraid that they now must earn black votes if they want them instead of just taking it for granted that the black voting bloc will always side with them. Black Americans are free and they should never be mocked or shamed for voting in their own self-interest by the dictates of their consciences. Right now, the only person offering substantial solutions to issues that black Americans care about, like criminal justice reform, economic advancement, and escaping failing public schools, is Donald Trump. Democrats are offering nothing but insults and slander.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter