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[WATCH] MAGA Proposal at CPAC: 'Will You Make Marriage Great Again With Me?'

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — In a heartwarming moment, while CPAC attendees were anxiously awaiting the arrival of President Trump on Saturday, Benjamin Chafetz, former president of Boise State College Republicans, proposed to his girlfriend, Broquelle Finley, the current VP of the same organization. Chafetz enlisted strangers at CPAC to help him hide flowers and coordinate filming.

During a break between events, Chafetz got down on one knee, presented his girlfriend of two years with a ring and a beautiful bouquet in a surprise marriage proposal, and asked her to make marriage great again with him. She said yes.

Image credit Stephanie Kimbrell

Image credit Stephanie Kimbrell

The couple had camped out all night waiting to see the president, sleeping on the floor of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center hallway with many others willing to brave an uncomfortable night to make sure they got a seat to see President Trump.

This year’s CPAC seems to have more college-aged kids than any other age group. It’s heartening to see so many young people on fire for family, country, and conservative political action.

Watch the romantic proposal!

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