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Lunatic Stripping 'Non-Binary' Socialist Challenging Sen. Susan Collins Gives Away Guillotine T-Shirts

Screenshot via Instagram

Maine’s “1st non-binary” candidate for Senate, Bre Kidman, who says her pronouns are “they, them,” is giving away “guillo-tees” to promote her campaign to replace Republican Sen. Susan Collins. The t-shirts have a graphic of a guillotine on them. Known for their love of political violence, Democratic socialists like Kidman (and all the Bernie bros ever caught on camera) enjoy violent imagery and fantasizing about killing the rest of us or putting us in camps.

Kidman has no idea why her t-shirts are causing such an uproar. “I was gonna wait until tomorrow to show off these beauties, but Trump got acquitted and I feel like folks could use something to look forward to,” she wrote. It is unknown whose execution Kidman is looking forward to, but I’ll assume it has something to do with beating Susan Collins.

Kidman’s Twitter is full of disdain for Collins and other Republicans and she doesn’t understand why people don’t like the guillotine as a symbol for a political movement. “Susan Collins says she wishes there were witnesses after voting against. Sara Gideon claims to be a campaign finance reformer while laundering corporate PAC $ and having $500+ events with fossil fuel execs. But you put one historical symbol of wealth inequality on a t-shirt…”

But that’s not what the guillotine symbolizes to most people. The guillotine became an iconic tool of terror during the French Revolution, when many innocent people, including children, were dragged from their homes and executed—known as the “Reign of Terror.” The guillotine is a symbol of mob action, not “wealth inequality.”

But Kidman doesn’t get that. She thinks “revolution” is a fun catchphrase. “Remember: there is not going to be a more convenient revolution,” she wrote darkly.

Screenshot via Twitter

Kidman’s Instagram is interesting. She posts photos of her medical prescriptions for testosterone.

Kidman is also good at… glitter bathing? I’m not sure. But I do think the Senate could use some of this energy. Imagine Cocaine Mitch and Lindsey 2.0 diving in here after an overnight session of confirming more Republican judges. I bet we could pay off the national debt if we charged people to view a live webcam of a glitter pool in the Senate chambers. ($10 says Judge Kavanaugh is the first one in.)

I’m fully expecting to be contacted by Kidman after this report, complaining about me “misgendering” her, since she regularly complains about not being able to compel the speech of others. (Note to Kidman: I don’t play those games. Do not demand I butcher the English language, my beloved mother tongue, for your fantasy.)

Kidman complained on Twitter, “Quick question: exactly what must a non-binary person do to avoid being misgendered by a news outlet they’ve interviewed & corrected multiple times?”

The answer to that, my dear, is nothing. This is America and compelled speech is illegal. You may call yourself whatever you want but you may not force anyone else to deny what their eyes see in this free nation. Move to Canada and you can start suing people who “misgender” you since they’ve lost all common sense. Also, “non-binary” is not a gender, it’s a grown-up hallucination. No one is required to play along.


Screenshot via Twitter

Maybe, instead of lecturing people about pronouns or rolling about in baby pools full of sticky stuff, this person should spend more time reading up on French history and why political violence spurred by mob action isn’t something to aspire to in American politics. I think Susan Collins’s seat is secure, don’t you?

Don’t miss this earsplitting rendition of “This Land is My Land” at the Port City Peep Show from the honorable candidate. So statesmanlike. Don’t miss the striptease (or do. I warned you, and I’m sorry).

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter