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Despicable: CNN Contributor Calls Woman in Super Bowl Ad a 'Freed Negro' Just Because Trump Pardoned Her

This is the most despicable thing you’ll see all day. While trying to dump on President Trump and accuse him of the old and tired charge that he’s a “racist,” CNN contributor Bakari Sellers called Alice Johnson, the woman who was released from prison as a result of Trump’s prison reforms, “a freed negro.” A Trump campaign ad that aired during the Super Bowl highlighted Johnson’s story.

“Donald Trump was speaking to group 1 and group 1-B. Group one is white women,” said Sellers. “Tonight he was attempting at the same thing during the Super Bowl ad, which I found to be decently offensive, with Alice Johnson. I refer to as the ‘I freed a Negro ad.” Check out the guy way over on the right when he says it. He looks like he might walk off the set.

I wonder how Johnson feels about that. It’s more evidence that the left does not care about using racist words when it suits their purpose. Johnson has already spent most of her life in prison. She does not deserve this kind of disrespect from CNN just because she was freed by a man who lives rent-free in their heads and keeps them up every night, leading to sleep-deprivation psychosis. It’s the only explanation for why the left keeps on using the most bigoted and debasing language to describe black people associated with Trump.

Why didn’t Obama free her? Why didn’t their favorite guy, who cared so much about black people, institute prison reform? That’s a fact that they will not be able to hide or get away from this November. President Trump has done more for black people in four years than Obama did in eight. What did Obama do, besides hand out cheap phones, that helped any black person in America for more than a few months? He made health insurance completely unaffordable, so that’s not it. He raised taxes. He presided over the country’s worse employment rates since the Great Depression. He turned people against each other and set race-relations back 100 years: recall the “beer summit” and Trayvon “If I had a son” Martin? Can anyone name something that he did that helped black people? Prison reform will go much further to help the community with the highest prison population than any handout ever did. Democrats know it, they’re terrified, and so they resort to whatever this garbage is. Watch, if you can stand it.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter