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Ridiculous! Joy Behar Celebrates White Nationalist Richard Spencer to Own Trump

Screenshot via Twitter video

I joked with the writing staff here when the story about Richard Spencer turning on Trump dropped earlier saying, “Watch, now. The left is going to endorse him.” It didn’t even take an hour. Joy Behar celebrated the famous anti-Semitic Spencer, who advocates for breaking up the United States into racially pure states, on The View on Wednesday. The Babylon Bee is going to have to work much harder to satirize these people.

“There’s some good news,” Behar chirped cheerily. “Remember Richard Spencer? He’s basically the organizer of Unite the Right, the white nationalist group that was marching in Charlottesville that was all in for Trump. Not anymore!” she said, raising her arms in victory and smiling like a loon. Then she read Spencer’s tweet that said he deeply regrets supporting Trump in 2016 and the audience cheered as Behar smiled and looked elated that a white supremacist joined her in her Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“Wow!” she said, continuing to beam like she had been given a new set of blackface paints.

It’s difficult to keep up with these people, but I think what we have learned now is that white nationalists are Hitler himself when they support Trump, but admirable upstanding citizens when they don’t. Orange man bad. By the left’s rules, Behar should be vehemently denouncing Spencer and disavowing him multiple times to anyone who will listen so she doesn’t get branded “white supremacist-adjacent” like she and her kind did to everyone who supported Trump when Spencer endorsed him. But the rules don’t apply to them, so don’t expect any backlash.

The following were some of my favorite responses to this clip.


Screenshots via Twitter

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