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Triggered! #BoycottABC Trends on Twitter After Ad Showing Horrors of Socialism Airs During Dem Debate

Triggered! #BoycottABC Trends on Twitter After Ad Showing Horrors of Socialism Airs During Dem Debate
Photo credit Sinclair Group television ad

An ad that targeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist views has triggered Democrats on Twitter so hard they’re calling for a boycott of ABC (#BoycottABC) for letting it run during the third Democrat debate.

First, I’m not sure “millions” watched that snoozefest. In fact, I was thinking that the viewing audience was made up entirely of news media, like me, who were paid to watch it. If we didn’t write about it, really, who would know it even happened? Secondly, there’s nothing about this ad that is false. I will agree it’s disgusting, though. Socialism is truly disgusting. And it’s a fact that AOC and her gaggle of friends in Congress are advocating for a system of government that has historically led to poverty, starvation, and murder. Socialists turn into communists and then communists fill mass graves.

Take Cambodia, for instance. Pol Pot, the brutal Communist dictator who murdered millions people, started out as a teacher advocating for “workers rights,” using the same kind of language we hear from “The Squad” in Washington, D.C. He then went on to start a bloody revolution and when he came to power he targeted the upper class and forced them to work in the fields. Any dissenters were tortured and killed. This is the culmination of years of sowing class warfare. If you demonize one group long enough, envy and jealousy will do horrific work in the human psyche. As reported by the History Channel (which is surprisingly not overrun by SJWs yet),

Under Pol Pot, the state controlled all aspects of a person’s life. Money, private property, jewelry, gambling, most reading material and religion were outlawed; agriculture was collectivized; children were taken from their homes and forced into the military; and strict rules governing sexual relations, vocabulary and clothing were laid down.

Sound familiar? Why do you think these people are constantly monitoring and policing our vocabulary? It’s about control and if they can control what pronouns or colloquialisms you do or don’t use, they control your mind. This makes leading an entire population into slavery very simple. It is why communists use propaganda. Our own media uses it on us constantly. It works. We are not immune. Fortunately, we are still allowed to point it out and speak against our government and media. If the socialist-loving Democrats had their way, they’d shut down our speech entirely, which is what Pol Pot and every Communist dictator in history has done. To see these tactics live and in person, just visit an American university that invites Ben Shapiro to speak.

This is in the socialist-to-communist playbook. It’s how they all start out sounding very innocent and calling for the poor to be better represented. They obsess over equality and things like systematic racism. If that sounds familiar then you probably know who you heard it from.

AOC is playing the part of the socialist-to-communist role like it was written for her. Oh wait. It was. Do not forget that everything these people do is published in the book Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. They do not hide what their purpose is and where this is going. All you have to do is read it.

The outrage on Twitter against ABC or the Sinclair Group, who made the ad, is ridiculous. What we should all be outraged about is that American Democrats are trying to enact policies that will lead us down the road of Marxist-Leninist murderers. That’s the outrage. It is egregious and an affront to individual rights that free speech in America is under assault by groups these Democrats will not denounce.

American history is under assault with our monuments being torn down and forefathers, like George Washington, being slandered as racist oppressors. The socialists/communists are out to tear down everything this country stands for and they’re not even hiding it. Antifa is using violence against Democrat’s political enemies, acting as their very own brute squad, eerily similar to the Chinese Red Guard. Historian and professor Kallie Szczepanski wrote:

The Red Guards destroyed antiques, ancient texts and Buddhist temples. They even almost destroyed entire animal populations like the Pekingese dogs, who were associated with the old imperial regime. Very few of them survived past the Cultural Revolution and the excesses of the Red Guards. The breed nearly went extinct in its homeland.

The Red Guards also publicly humiliated teachers, monks, former landowners or anyone else suspected of being “counter-revolutionary.” Suspected “rightists” would be publicly humiliated — sometimes by being paraded through the streets of their town with mocking placards hung around their necks. In time, the public shaming grew increasingly violent and thousands of people were killed outright with more committed suicide as a result of their ordeal.

Instead of walking anyone through the streets with signs around their necks, today’s socialist youth spend their time dragging people on Twitter and destroying their business and lives because they don’t agree with the accepted socialist dogmas. See Florine Goldfarb, an elderly Trump supporter in Florida, who was publicly humiliated by CNN for posting a meme they didn’t like.

A social media dragging is every bit as humiliating as a public shaming. Fox News reported,

Goldfarb was called “public enemy number one,” a “traitor,” “miserable racist trash” and a treasonous hillbilly.” One Facebook user said she “should be arrested and tried for treason” in a series of messages arising in the wake of the CNN segment.

Outspoken liberal actor Jon Cryer, co-star of “Two and a Half Men,” tweeted out CNN’s video of the ensnarement and wrote, “We are dealing with a cult.” One user responded that Goldfarb should “move” and ought to be embarrassed to show her face in town. Yet another user called her a “complete moron,” and one person responded that “there’s no witness protection program for the willfully ignorant.”

If AOC and her fellow Democrat Socialists would like to stop being compared to communist dictators and their acolytes, they should stop acting like them.

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