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Actor Mario Lopez Folds Like a Cheap Suit after Trans-Mob Cancels Him for Speaking the Truth

Actor Mario Lopez Folds Like a Cheap Suit after Trans-Mob Cancels Him for Speaking the Truth
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Actor Mario Lopez made the catastrophic mistake of saying what we all know to be true. Transitioning toddler kids and telling them that boys can be girls and girls can be boys is crazy, harmful, and dangerous. What he didn’t know, when he was telling Candace Owens his thoughts on the transgender hysteria of 2019, is that he would be excoriated and “canceled” for saying it. He’ll probably never work again in the entertainment media.

All wouldn’t be lost, however, if he just held his ground. He could land a job at any conservative outlet overnight if he had done the right thing and doubled down. Common sense and science are with him. Instead, Lopez folded like a cheap shirt and apologized, calling his statements “ignorant and stupid.” No, Mario. Claiming a three-year-old is trans is ignorant and stupid. Your first remarks were way better.

“My God, if you’re three years old and you’re saying you feel a certain way or you think you’re a boy or a girl or whatever the case may be, I just think it’s dangerous, as a parent, to make this determination, then, well OK, then you’re going to be a boy or a girl…it’s sort of alarming and my gosh just think about the repercussions later on!”

Right on, Mario. It is alarming. It’s even more alarming than you think. Kirsty Entwistle, a former psychologist at the Gender Identity Development Service in Leeds, UK, came out publicly to blow the whistle on the medical malpractice that is gender transitioning for children, as reported in The Christian Post. Entwistle accused doctors of “making decisions that will have a major impact on children and young people’s bodies and lives … without a robust evidence base.” Parents were told, she said, that puberty-blocking medications were not permanent and had no side effects. The truth is, the medical community has no idea what the side effects will be. There is no evidence that any of it is reversible.

Posie Parker, an activist against trans ideology in the UK, told the Christian Post, “Activism in the U.K. has been polite when it comes to children transitioning. But I felt it was necessary to show people the horror of what transition actually means. We are not allowed to talk about the fact that children who take puberty blockers grow into adult bodies that have no sexual feeling or function, or that these surgeries and medical pathways are experimental.”

Sure enough, if you look hard enough you will find that puberty blockers are experimental and not even approved by the FDA for use for gender dysphoria. We are experimenting medically on children. According to Drs. Hruz, Mayer, and McHugh, who wrote an article on the issue, the science is nowhere near settled. 

Reading these various guidelines gives the impression that there is a well-established scientific consensus about the safety and efficacy of the use of puberty-blocking agents for children with gender dysphoria, and that parents of such children should think of it as a prudent and scientifically proven treatment option. But whether blocking puberty is the best way to treat gender dysphoria in children remains far from settled and it should be considered not a prudent option with demonstrated effectiveness but a drastic and experimental measure.

Experimental medical treatments for children must be subject to especially intense scrutiny, since children cannot provide legal consent to medical treatment of any kind (parents or guardians must consent for their child to receive treatment), to say nothing of consenting to become research subjects for testing an unproven therapy. In the case of gender dysphoria, however, the safety and efficacy of puberty-suppressing hormones is not well founded on evidence … Whether puberty suppression is safe and effective when used for gender dysphoria remains unclear and unsupported by rigorous scientific evidence.

Mario Lopez is canceled because he told the truth about the dangerous medical experimentation being done to children in the name of compassion. It’s a damn shame he apologized for caring about what will happen to those children whose parents are angling for attention and cultural approval. This cannot be better illustrated than with transgender Blair White laying down the truth of the matter. “When I was five years old,” White said, “I wanted to be a Power Ranger.” Finally. Truth.

The thing no one is talking about is Lopez’s other statements about the dangerous #BelieveWomen movement, where due process goes out the window and women can accuse a man in the press of sexual crimes and ruin his life. Lopez pointed out that women lie sometimes. You don’t say? I think I wrote a whole book on that called “Believe Evidence: The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” You should pick it up. He was right about that too.

Here’s how he should have responded:

Anyway, why would any want to cancel this?

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