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New Democrat Scam: Fake Republican Women Who Will NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN!

New Democrat Scam: Fake Republican Women Who Will NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN!
(Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Right on cue, the Democrats and their accomplices in the media are trotting out their latest narrative, using women claiming to be Republicans who say that after this Kavanaugh fiasco, they will never vote Republican again! This would be more believable if they found some women who don’t look like caricatures of Democrat women.

Who believes this woman is a Republican? I don’t. The Democrats, with Christine Blasey Ford and the other two yahoos who claimed Brett Kavanaugh did ridiculous and unbelievable things to them, have so damaged the credibility of women that I don’t believe anything any woman I don’t know says anymore. I really don’t believe this woman above who claims she is a registered Republican. Show us your registration forms for the last ten years, lady! (Disclaimer: It’s very possible she’s a Republican, but I’m going to need an FBI investigation to prove it.)

Without even listening to what she’s saying, I can tell you she’s not a Republican. Here’s how:

Problem/Concern Glasses

The problem glasses are the first clue. They aren’t definitive by themselves (after all, I have some), but in conjunction with the following facts, they add up to a giant red flag that points directly toward the left.

Unkempt hair

Sorry, ladies, but you know it, I know it, and she knows it. Republican women are meticulous about their hair. You will never see a Republican woman interviewed anywhere on television without being properly coiffed, blown out, or curled with lots of hairspray. The “I haven’t showered in three days” messy bun on the head is not a look Republican women have ever embraced unless they’re doing laundry with toddlers. But going on TV? Or anywhere but the gas station? Oh heck no. Our hair is not going to look like that if there are cameras anywhere near us that we know about. (Sidenote: I’m not insulting her hair, by the way. She has the right to wear it however she wants and she looks fine. This is about Republican women. And this is simply not how Republican women roll.)

Allowing her daughter to skip school for a protest with crazed radicals

I’ve been to these protests with the Left with my children by accident. We were caught in some anti-Trump protests in Chicago while we were out sightseeing. That is not a crowd any Republican woman wants her kid exposed to. The piercings alone are reason enough to stay far away, but the language is obscene. There is no Republican woman I know who thinks it’s okay for her daughter or son to be shouting “F***” in public. Just no.

Further, this woman says she told her 15-year-old daughter at 11:30 at night, “Let’s blow off school!” to go to a protest. This would never happen in a Republican home. First, on a school night, no Republican’s kids are up at 11:30. Second, protests are not a high priority in our homes, but school is. You go to school unless you are throwing up or have a fever. And if you are sick, you sit in your bed and study your Spanish homework. There is no skipping school to go to a protest about grown-up issues when you can’t even vote. Absolutely not. Republican women know that our children’s brains are not fully developed yet and the only way they’re going to get there is to get to the work of being a child, which is school and more school. (And preferably not public school.)

Even if you disagree with Republicans, no Republican woman joins the pussy hat brigade

This woman is marching with the pussy hat-wearing pink-haired weirdos chanting, “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE” as they harass senators in their offices and chase them down the hallways, screaming at them and using intimidation and radical tactics. There’s no way any Republican woman I know would ever join these demented people. These are the lawless, we are the lawful. You don’t just join the lawless one day because Mitch McConnell said something that rubbed you the wrong way. Republican women write letters to their senators. They write eloquent, biting letters to the representatives that disappoint them. In no reality do Republican women get on a bus and go down to the Senate to scream at their representatives.

The Democrats are desperate now. Dr. Ford’s testimony has fallen apart and she’s been proven to be less than truthful and not credible. Her witnesses all denied everything under oath. It appears the FBI investigation came out positive for Kavanaugh and the Democrats know it’s only a matter of time until he is confirmed. Now they’ve turned their efforts to the midterms, where they think they can manipulate people into believing in the blue wave. To illustrate it, they are going to show you fake Republican women claiming to be deserting the party along with fake polls. My sides! Please, stop! I haven’t laughed this hard since Bill Nye got funky to “Sex Junk” with a guy in a unicorn mask. 

Who’s not tired of winning yet? Real Republican women! #ConfirmKavanaugh