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High School History Book Questions Trump's Sanity, Calls Supporters Racists

Imagine finding this quote in your kid’s history book, calling you a racist, angry bigot because you voted for Trump:

Trump’s voters saw the vote as a victory for the people who, like themselves, had been forgotten in a fast-changing America–a mostly older, rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white group. Clinton’s supporters feared that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country, discomfort with their candidate’s gender, and nostalgia for an earlier time in the nation’s history. They also worried about the mental stability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation. [Emphasis added]

This gem was found in the high school AP History book titled By the People, A History of the United States, published by Pearson Education. A source sent photographs of the material to “The Joe and Alex Show.” The book pulls no punches when it comes to criticizing Christians as terrified bigots. “Those who had long thought of the nation as a white and Christian country sometimes found it difficult to adjust.” The book continues on, calling Trump an outright racist. “Trump tapped into a sense of alienation and ‘being left behind’ that many voters–most of all white poor and working-class voters–felt. But quite unlike Sanders, Trump was also extremely anti-immigrant, especially attacking Muslim immigrants.”

But if that’s not bad enough, don’t worry! It gets worse!

“Most thought Trump was too extreme a candidate to win the nomination, but his extremism, his anti-establishment rhetoric, and, some said, his not-very-hidden racism connected with a significant number of primary voters.”

There doesn’t seem to be any mention in this history book about the 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted off an illegal server, or the mental instability of her followers who donned pink hats meant to look like genitalia and screamed helplessly at the sky. There was also no mention of Clinton’s non-stop coughing and fainting attacks or her reluctance to campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan (which clearly hampered her). There is no discussion of the complete lack of excitement or dismal crowd sizes at her appearances. There is no special chapter on Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s pervert husband, Carlos Danger, currently in prison for soliciting a minor.

The book also does not seem to mention spirit cooking, the Podesta emails, or the collusion of CNN and Donna Brazile to give Clinton the debate questions and rig the primary in her favor. There is also nothing on the Clinton Foundation’s dirty dealings with foreign governments while Clinton was secretary of State. There isn’t even a photo of Clinton being chucked into a van like a side of beef, or having some sort of seizure and yelling about cold chai, or wigging out at some balloons dropping from the ceiling and freaking everyone out with yet another public health crisis. Strange, isn’t it?

It’s like they weren’t really paying attention during the election of 2016—or maybe it’s just that they only saw what they wanted. The rest of us, though, we were there. Rewriting history can’t happen a year and a half after the event. There are just too many of us who still remember. If the left wants to get good at this, they’re going to have to be sneakier. Try harder, dummies.


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