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Image Comics Writer Wishes Combat Veteran Had Died While Serving

Comics creators really hate criticism. Every time “Diversity and Comics” creator Richard Meyer reviews a comic book he doesn’t like, industry professionals lose their minds and wish violence on him. The last time it happened he was threatened by a Marvel professional and told to stay away from Comicon. This time, Image Comics transgender writer Michelle Perez tweeted that he wishes Meyer had died in an IED attack.

But wishing for someone to die in a fiery explosion once wasn’t enough. Perez doubled down:

Twitter has not removed the posts for violating community standards.

Meyer is an Afghanistan combat veteran who survived multiple IED attacks and served his country honorably. He has now carved out a popular niche for himself reviewing comic books and has a huge following on YouTube. He has been at the forefront in bringing attention to the far-left ideologues who have taken over the comics industry and he isn’t shy about reporting their terrible behavior and penchant for always running to violent ideation any time they are offended.

Perez is a transgendered male to female sex worker. His Twitter account is not recommended for safe viewing at work (or anywhere else). The trans community has some explaining to do about why so many trans people think it’s okay to have violent fantasies about people they don’t like. Magdalene Visaggio is another trans comics creator who tweeted about beating all straight white men with a baseball bat.

The type of vitriol hurled at conservatives from these people is an almost daily occurrence. Even worse is Twitter’s refusal to do anything about it, despite just having purged thousands of accounts of Trump supporters and conservatives, claiming they are Russian bots.

Even Kurt Eichenwald, who spends a lot of time insulting conservatives on Twitter, was shocked at the level of hatred exhibited.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that a person who would do such a thing has written a book called Pervert.

Perez writes comics for the morally depraved and was interviewed for an issue of Image Comics recently. He claimed that mere criticism of his style of drawing and subject matter constitutes “harassment.” No one is allowed not to like Perez’s “art,” so if you don’t, you’re a “harasser” who should die.

Here is the video that caused this latest round of “harassment” allegations against Meyer. (Start at 10:40 to see how comics have degenerated with writers like Perez. It’s nothing but disgusting sickness. One story is about an ice cream man luring children to tell them horror stories. Another details one man’s experience being naked in steam showers with other men. These are sold to kids.)

Image Comics does not appear to care that their writer is wishing violence and death on an art critic. Here’s Brandon Graham, one of the gatekeepers at Image, defending Perez’s wish for Meyer to be blown up.

Bounding Into Comics reported that Erik Larson, Image Comics co-founder and board member, responded to the uproar.

Larsen’s initial reaction was to explain Perez’s wish for Meyer to be killed is part of freedom of speech, “I can’t control what other people say or do anymore than they can control what I say or do. It’s just words, man. Nobody was hurt. That’s the freedom of speech in action. None of us have to like it.”

But comics artist and veteran Will Caligan lost his job at Short Fuse Media for expressing his opinion that men can’t change their DNA by wishful thinking. His First Amendment rights meant nothing to the mob. His innocuous truth about the impossibility of DNA morphing by the power of wishes took food off his table, but Perez can wish to see a veteran blown up in an IED attack and suddenly #FreeSpeechMatters.

We’re not fooled. The double standard for conservative voices in comics is deafening—and #Comicsgate is about to boil over.

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