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Unhinged Disney Visitors Scream at Robo-Trump in Hall of Presidents

I knew this would happen the minute I saw that the robo-Trump animatronic likeness was ready to join the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World. First, there were rumors that Disney actually made a Hillary-bot (expecting her to win) and then had to rig it to look like Trump. They failed. It doesn’t.

But I predicted that the next controversy to hit Disney World would be related to the Trump-bot (and I told several people to wait for it because it’s coming). The Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) sufferers aren’t going to let you and your tots have a nice time at Disney World when they have a chance to upset everyone for no reason at all. Cue this brain stem.

It’s a robot, dummy! No matter what you do, it can’t hear you or respond. So the only people you jerks are upsetting are little kids who came to have a magical time with their parents (who blew a ridiculous amount of money).

(And is he saying “F*ck him up!” or “Lock him up?” I can’t tell. And knowing the left, it’s probably the former.)

TDS is fast becoming a plague that Merck should seriously spend some time and money trying to solve. There’s got to be a pill for this. Someone needs to do something about the unhinged among us who can’t stop themselves from screaming at strangers in salons and trying to shout down a robot that doesn’t even resemble President Trump. What’s next? Shouting at Trump Dog?

They’re even fantasizing about killing robo-Trump:

This is not normal or okay behavior. If you can’t sit through a two-minute speech by a robotic Trump you should skip the Hall of Presidents entirely. I managed to go to Disney World with my family and sit through the Obama-bot (that also looks nothing like its namesake) without losing my marbles and screeching uncontrollably like a psycho. I think I might have smirked and chuckled under my breath, but I still enjoyed the show. What the hell is wrong with you people? The election was over a year ago. Your shock and horror should have worn off by now.

Pro tip: The gays are still allowed to be gay and haven’t disappeared into a gulag; Mike Pence has not set up a giant electroshock machine in gay neighborhoods; the women haven’t been marched off to kitchens in chains; abortions are still happening at a disgusting rate; birth control is still legal and cheap; we’re all getting a raise in February; the planet is not dying; ISIS has been obliterated; blacks are doing better with lower unemployment; Trump has deported fewer Mexicans than Obama; and there have been zero KKK lynchings. So what the hell is the problem? None of the horror fantasies the left said would happen happened. It’s been a pretty good year. The only difference from last year is that the president is a Republican. We’ve been through this before. This is pretty standard stuff for Republicans: tighter border security, lower taxes, and tough talking to tinpot dictators with bad haircuts. These are not earth-shattering policies.

So what is the deal with the lunatics losing it everywhere we look? And what is it going to take to make them chill out and wait out the next seven years like adults? This kind of constant disruption of everyone’s lives is not going to be tolerated much longer. One day soon one of these moonbats is going to try this next to someone who has had enough and it’s going to get uglier.

Elections have consequences and one of the biggest is that the losing side has to live with a guy they don’t like very much running the country. We did it for eight years. It is possible. Protest if you want to in the appropriate places with the appropriate permits and offensive headwear, but shut the hell up at Disney World.