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YouTube Monetizes Disturbing Child Exploitation Videos

YouTube is having serious problems. For a long time they’ve been blaming their advertiser problems on people like me and anyone else who makes political videos, declaring us “advertiser unfriendly.” As a result, almost all political YouTube channels have been demonetized, driving content creators off the platform. At the same time, major advertisers are fleeing YouTube claiming that the platform is allowing the exploitation of children. They understandably don’t want their ads anywhere near that. Fortune reports:

Several major advertisers have said they will suspend advertising campaigns on YouTube after their ads were found displayed with videos that had racked up millions of views by depicting children in threatening or compromising situations. Many of those viewing and commenting on the videos have been described as pedophiles.

The implication that YouTube has been abetting pedophiles follows a string of revelations of disturbing content hiding in plain site on the Google-owned platform. Google has recently been pushed to remove content promoting extremist views and terrorism, after leaving such content unmonitored for years. YouTube was also recently pressured to remove disturbing content from its YouTube Kids platform, including cartoons of popular kids’ heroes engaged in bizarre and violent activities.

But have they really removed it? What do you think is going on in this “Parents Explain?” channel? (That blurred thing is a pink dildo, by the way.)

Consider that YouTube won’t allow the dildo to be shown to adults watching, but they think it’s okay to show it to children live. The video, “Parents Explain Birth Control,” shows children putting condoms on bananas — and has advertising directed at children.

The video above contains this disturbing moment:

How old are the children in these videos? This one looks like he couldn’t even be six:

In the video “Parents Explain Masturbation,” children are confronted with sex toys, tissues, lotion, and extremely graphic descriptions of masturbation. How is it okay with YouTube for a channel to be grooming children into sexual activity (with tissues, lotion, lube, and dildos)? Who would watch something like this? Pedophiles, that’s who. The argument being made in favor of these videos is that there is nothing wrong with parents discussing sex with their kids. That’s true. But there’s something very, very wrong with videoing it and showing your children’s faces while making them play with dildos — and then broadcasting it to the world. Who does this?

I’m a parent. I’ve had the sex talk with my oldest daughter. It did not include traumatizing her with giant pink silicone penises or broadcasting her discomfort and embarrassment live on YouTube. WTF is wrong with people? And how does YouTube justify demonetizing thousands of political content creators while allowing ads to run on this highly controversial (and disgusting and possibly illegal) content?

Here is the video in case you don’t believe me. I would encourage you not to watch it. This is not something you’re going to be able to forget easily. You’ve been warned.