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Reddit Launches Counter Attack on Google Monopoly by Switching to DuckDuckGo Browser

Reddit Launches Counter Attack on Google Monopoly by Switching to DuckDuckGo Browser
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Redditors on r/The_Donald are a busy bunch. Reddit claims they have around 400k subscribers, while internal numbers show around six million. Either way, it’s a very active Reddit “sub” and when they decide to make trouble, trouble usually ensues. After the devastating memo from Google insider James Damore hit the Internet proving Google’s complete disdain for diversity of thought (because they fired him for it) r/The_Donald has decided enough is enough. They’ve launched a campaign to switch browsers from Google-based browsers to DuckDuckGo. They have included instructions on how to do this from a mobile device. This has resulted in thousands of people logging off of Google almost overnight. The plan is to hit Google where it hurts — the pocketbook.

Photo courtesy of r/The_Donald

I decided to try it on my phone, loathe to give Google any more of my traffic. So far DuckDuckGo isn’t as intuitive as Google, but it does the job. And each time I see that I’m not searching through Google, I smile. Next up is removing Google Chrome from my computer. This will be more difficult to live without, which brings to mind another issue. Where are the counter-tech companies to compete with Google? Why doesn’t the right invest in technology? Or art or movies or entertainment or education or a myriad of other outlets that the left has total control over? Why do we cede everything to them? Are leftists the only ones who can code, program, act, paint, teach, sing, or dance? I know that’s false because I belong to a large network of conservative creatives. So where are our benefactors?

It’s past time for the money on the right to put those dollars where their mouth is. If you want change, invest in it. If you want to save this culture, then invest in conservative culture. (Koch brothers, I’m looking at you. Stop funding political campaigns and start funding conservative authors and culture warriors and tech stars and artists. Politics flows from culture. Fund a better culture.) The left has billionaire George Soros literally funding every Democrat wet dream possible. Everything from street protests to teaching Islam in public libraries, if it’s crazy lefty nonsense, you better believe Soros is funding it. As I was typing this the news came across the wire that Mozilla Firefox is now joining with Soros to weed out “fake news” (in other words, us).

Where are our super wealthy? Or is it that they aren’t ours at all? Are they all on the establishment right (which is no different than the establishment left)? Because this is getting absurd. Diamond and Silk, the stumpin’ for Trump sisters of YouTube fame, have had 95 percent of their videos demonetized on YouTube for being “hate speech.” Have you seen these girls? They are hilarious, but they are far from hateful. Google, which has a complete monopoly on the the Internet, is now in the business of regulating speech. It’s time to either break out from under Google’s thumb with new tech of our own or to break up Google for violating the antitrust laws and heavily regulate them to keep them from silencing half the population. They are now acting as agents of the globalist establishment and shutting down the free speech of Americans. To quote one of my favorite movies quoting a former president, “this aggression cannot stand, man!”

Are we going to lie down and let the tech companies gag us? Really? That’s just now how I see this ending. At least r/The_Donald is doing what it can. Make sure to remove Google from your phone and devices today. And if you’re a conservative billionaire reading this, shame on you for doing nothing while the left takes over the world. There are many of us out here trying to change a culture with no funding, no support, and zero reach because of a lack of funding. Most of us are doing it for free — writing novels that can’t sell because no publishing house will take them, writing scripts no movie house will film because the politics are wrong, recording video after video trying to get the word out about the end of free speech which won’t be seen because freaking Google has its foot on our necks! Invest in us! Buy a TV station and fill it with warriors on the right. Buy a publishing house and start publishing conservative and libertarian work! Stop sitting on your big pile of money while the world burns! Do something before you wake up and we’ve been snuffed out of existence. The little guy can only do so much on his own.

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