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Will This Lie Be the Nail in the Coffin of Biden’s Presidency?

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

If there’s anything this pandemic has proven, it’s that the experts don’t know how to manage the virus. They told us to wear masks, but now, nearly two years later, experts are admitting that common store-bought masks aren’t very effective. One thing our leaders had some control over was tests. In 2020, the mainstream media created a narrative that the United States was lagging behind in testing, and that Donald Trump was to blame.

“Where are the tests, Mr. President?” Joe Biden tweeted in May of 2020. But as omicron cases have surged to record levels, we now actually do have a national COVID test shortage, and it’s so bad that people are waiting in line for hours simply to confirm their COVID status. These lines are eerily similar to the breadlines of the Great Depression.

This was entirely preventable. In fact, Biden had an opportunity to order enough tests months ago and failed to do that because he thought focusing solely on vaccinations would be enough.

Making matters worse, Biden had a chance to order enough tests when he promised they would be available.

“For those not covered by private insurance, we’re going to make available free tests at thousands of convenient locations — locations for folks to pick them up and take a test kit home,” Biden promised in a speech on December 2. “The bottom line: This winter, you’ll be able to test for free in the comfort of your home and have some peace of mind.”

He lied.

Biden lied, and now people are waiting hours in line in cold winter temperatures. Inexcusable.