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Are Liberals Even Human?

AP Photo/Steve Helber

I have to admit that lately, I’ve been wondering whether liberals are even human.

Yes, I understand that they are (technically) part of the human race, but have you noticed how they seem driven by issues that defy human nature?

I certainly have. Recent weeks have made it clear that the left doesn’t possess two basic human instincts: self-preservation and protecting our young. And two key events have demonstrated this clearer than ever before.

The first is the Virginia gubernatorial election.

As much as I was thrilled about Youngkin’s victory over Terry McAuliffe, it was hard not to be disturbed by how that election exposed the alarming number of liberals in the state who don’t believe in parental rights.

“I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision,” McAuliffe said during a debate with Youngkin in September. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

As shocking as this statement was, his position is mainstream within his party. A stunning 70% of Democrats in Virginia want school boards to have more influence on a school’s curriculum than parents. Only 16% of Democrats preferred parents over school boards. Luckily, enough Democrats disagreed with McAuliffe and voted with Youngkin.

But this was bigger than the school curriculum. The Loudoun County, Virginia, school board wasn’t keeping students safe and was covering up sexual assaults of students. Two days after Barack Obama accused right-wing media of “stoking anger aimed at school boards and administrators, who are just trying to keep our kids safe,” a Virginia court ruled that there was sufficient evidence that a gender-fluid teen sexually assaulted a girl in the school bathroom—an assault that the school district tried to cover up.

Virginia is hardly alone. School districts across the country have been hiding information about gender-transitioning children from parents. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed two bills that allow minors to hide abortions and transgender therapies or surgeries from their parents.

Imagine being so committed to a political issue that you would do anything to enshrine it, even at the expense of parental rights. The instinct to protect one’s young is found throughout the animal kingdom, yet for some reason, the left seems to believe the state’s right to control our kids trumps the rights of parents to protect them.

And then there’s the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

I understand that people have strong opinions about Kyle Rittenhouse. Still, anyone who took the time to watch the trial or review some of the evidence presented would have concluded quite easily that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense.

Yet, the trial revealed the shocking truth that the left also doesn’t appear to believe people have the right to defend themselves.

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Or maybe only white people, who knows? What we do know is that people on the left in the media, Hollywood, and our own neighborhoods took the side of rioters, looters, and even a child molester, because they fell for the idea that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist (thanks, Joe Biden) and that he was in Kenosha looking for trouble. Nothing, not even the evidence, was going to change that.

As the lies about Rittenhouse fell apart, the goalposts kept moving, and the prosecutor, Thomas Binger, even argued that Rittenhouse didn’t have the right to self-defense because he had a gun. According to Binger, Rittenhouse wasn’t supposed to be there. The rioters and looters weren’t the problem; Rittenhouse was! How dare he prioritize his own safety over the lives of rioters and looters!

The left’s antipathy for parents who want to protect their kids and those who choose to defend their own lives seems to contrast with basic human instincts. We’ve learned a lot about the left from these two recent events, and it’s alarming.