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Taliban Humiliates Joe Biden Again With Symbolic Troop Removal Demand

Taliban Humiliates Joe Biden Again With Symbolic Troop Removal Demand
AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal has empowered the Taliban so much, that they’re now ordering him around like they run the show.

In an interview with Sky News, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that Joe Biden should withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11—the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.


“I think they should get their troops out of Afghanistan,” Shaheen said. “They have already violated the time frame which was enshrined in the Doha agreement, when they announced that they will withdraw all their forces until Sept. 11. So they should withdraw all their forces.”

Shaheen was referencing the peace deal negotiated by President Trump, under which U.S. troops would leave Afghanistan as long as the Taliban met various conditions. In the wake of Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban, Joe Biden hastily evacuated our military leaving American civilians behind. Biden has now tripled our military presence in the country in a chaotic attempt to remove refugees and American citizens. Mike Pence blamed Joe Biden for violating that agreement and causing the disastrous withdrawal.

“Once Mr. Biden broke the deal, the Taliban launched a major offensive against the Afghan government and seized Kabul. They knew there was no credible threat of force under this president. They’ve seen him kowtow to anti-Semitic terrorist groups like Hamas, restore millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority, and sit by earlier this year while thousands of rockets rained down on Israeli civilians,” Pence wrote.

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Shaheen insists that the Taliban “are committed not to attack [U.S. forces] and we have not attacked them.” This suggests that unless U.S. troops are out by September 11, attacks will resume.

Joe Biden had originally planned to have our troops out by September 11 in the hopes of gaining political advantage for the symbolism of that date as a new milestone to celebrate victory. Now, the Taliban have turned the tables, and have turned September 11, 2021, into a day of humiliation for Joe Biden and our country.

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