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Cuomo Accuser Is Willing To Take a Polygraph. Why Won't Cuomo?

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

One of the women who’s accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of groping her is willing to take a polygraph exam and wants the governor to take one as well.

Earlier this year, Cuomo was under significant pressure to resign or face impeachment over his nursing home COVID scandal and the allegations of sexual misconduct from several women. Cuomo resisted calls to resign and, so far, has managed to weather the storm.

The woman, a former Cuomo aide, says that Cuomo put his hand in her blouse and groped her breast over her bra.

Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, has dismissed the call for a polygraph test as a “press ploy.”

“A full process, a fair process, the evidence and the truth will exonerate the governor,” Glavin said.

The woman’s attorney, Brian D. Premo, told the Albany Times Union that she had told him “the day we met … that she would take a polygraph test — without hesitation.”

Cuomo clearly won’t take one, which, by his own standard, is an admission of guilt. During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, when anyone random person could come forward with an accusation against him and be taken seriously by the media and Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats, Cuomo publicly called on Kavanaugh to take a polygraph.

“Here is one basic fact that badly hurts Judge Kavanaugh: Why won’t he take a polygraph? Dr. Ford did,” Cuomo said in a statement at the time. “If he does not take a polygraph test, it is the ultimate, ‘he said, she said.’ It is the one powerful piece of evidence that seriously damages his credibility and the credibility of his Republican supporters, including yourself. You can and should ask him to take the test. If he refuses, you should pull the appointment. … Do not aid and abet a lie. Demand a polygraph.”