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Stick a Fork in Liz Cheney—She's Done

Stick a Fork in Liz Cheney—She's Done
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Liz Cheney, recently dubbed a “Pelosi Republican” by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, has lost the support of her constituents and is on the fast track to losing her next election in 2022.

According to polling data, a mere 23 percent of primary-voting Republicans plan to vote for her again—a whopping 77 percent plan to vote for someone else.

Cheney’s image has been destroyed by her vote to impeach Trump earlier this year and her support for the partisan January 6 commission.

President Trump wants to use his influence in the party to push out wobbly Republicans who didn’t support his Make America Great Again agenda. On Thursday, he called on the Wyoming Republican Party to pare down the number of Republicans running against Cheney to just one candidate rather than risk Cheney winning the primary with a plurality of votes. In a six-person race, Cheney could still come out the victor, but should the race end up between Cheney and just one or two other challengers, she’d likely be defeated.

“Voters in the Great State of Wyoming want clear majority winners in elections, and the only mechanism that accomplishes majority victors is a Run-Off Election, pitting the top two candidates against each other,” Trump said in a statement. “Conservative Republicans in the Wyoming State Legislature like Senator Bo Biteman and Representative Chip Nieman led this effort. Unfortunately and sadly for Wyoming voters, RINO State Legislators stood in the way, defeating the Run-Off Election bills.”

Trump added, “The easiest way to defeat deplorable Liz Cheney is by having only ONE conservative candidate run and WIN! Wyoming Patriots will no longer stand for Nancy Pelosi and her new lapdog RINO Liz Cheney!”

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