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The Biden Presidency Is Voter-Approved Elder Abuse

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Would I rather have a president who occasionally posts mean tweets or one who is legit losing his marbles?

It’s no contest. I’ll take the mean tweets and the economic prosperity over the senility and national dumpster fire that has become the Biden presidency.

It seems like hardly a week goes by without Biden doing something that makes us question his mental fitness. On Wednesday, Biden held a CNN town hall—a venue guaranteed to offer the softest of softball questions, and he couldn’t even get through that without embarrassing himself. I didn’t watch it live, but soon after Biden lost his train of thought and went completely off the rails while answering a question about when the COVID vaccines would be available for 12-year-olds, clips started showing up everywhere on social media. I checked it out. It’s brutal.

Biden had another glitch earlier this month, awkwardly pausing for several seconds because he forgot Osama bin Laden’s name. “We went for two reasons. One, to,” he began before standing in awkward silence until finally remembering what he was saying and continuing, “…bring Osama bin Laden to the Gates of Hell, as I said at the time.”

Some of his glitches are more problematic. For example, last month, he confused Syria with Libya three times in the same speech.

Another classic example happened in February when he descended into verbal nonsense while memorializing those who died from COVID. “The only way to spare more pain and more loss, the only way… these millstones no longer mark our national mourning—these milestones, I should say—no… no longer moke…m-m-m-mark our national mourning.” Oy.

He’s not much better at reading a script, either. In the following video from a couple of months ago, Biden completely botches reading off the teleprompter:

And who can forget the time he attempted to make it up the stairs to Air Force One… and tripped three times.

And these are just a few select examples since the inauguration. The warning signs were glaring well before then. Not only during the campaign but even when he was serving as vice president. But, this is why the media would sooner ask him about what flavor milkshake he’s having than anything that might confuse him, like a foreign policy question or his economic agenda.

There is also evidence that the White House is very aware of Biden’s diminished mental capacity and is doing everything possible to cover it up the best they can. Despite having absolutely no political power, the White House sent first lady Jill Biden to Tokyo to conduct diplomatic meetings. She posted a picture of herself “prepping for the G7” on Air Force One last month. Sometimes the truth does slip in there. Back in May, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the White House prefers not to have Joe Biden taking impromptu questions from the media.

Because that’s really normal? Is this supposed to be comforting?

Democrats supported this guy in the primary and voted in large numbers for him in the general election. Heck, even a few self-described Republicans voted for Biden, knowing very well he isn’t well. So regardless of whether you believe Biden legitimately won or lost, millions voted for a guy who was quite clearly not capable of handling the pressures of the presidency. And it’s not like Democrats didn’t have options. Yet here we are. A recent poll found that most Americans, including nearly a third of Democrats, don’t believe that Biden is “fully executing the duties of his office.”

Biden isn’t just a puppet; he’s the victim of elder abuse—all with the consent of millions of voters.

But hey, no mean tweets.