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Biden Administration Caves, Releases Video Showing Deplorable Conditions for Immigrant Children

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

In response to increased pressure over the border crisis and the lack of media access to government facilities housing immigrants, the Biden administration has finally released its own photos and video of the deplorable conditions they are subjecting immigrant children to. This comes a day after shocking photos from Rep. Henry Cueller  (D-Texas) were published on Axios as well as photos leaked by Project Veritas.

The videos released by the Biden administration show the crowded conditions at a processing facility in El Paso, Texas, and a holding facility in Donna, Texas. Video from the Donna facility shows children tightly packed into cages (rebranded as pods for media coverage under the Biden administration) without any social distancing being enforced. While the video shows the facility stocked with food and other essentials, previous reports have indicated that children are going hungry in the care of the Biden administration, and are kept indoors without even getting to see daylight, and other wretched conditions.

Children at the facility told ABC News that they’re lucky to get 20 minutes outdoors every few days.

The Donna facility, which was designed to hold 250 immigrants, now has 3,889 in their care—a staggering 1,556 percent of its capacity.

According to documents obtained by ABC News, a record 5,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children are in Border Patrol custody, and another 10,500 are in the care of Health and Human Services.


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