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Biden White House Website Asks for Preferred Pronouns in Contact Form

Biden White House Website Asks for Preferred Pronouns in Contact Form
Screenshot from the Biden White House website.

It’s difficult to look at the new White House website since it has now changed over to reflect the new administration, but a small detail is particularly cringeworthy.

If you want to contact the White House and use the contact form on the site, you will now have the option to select your preferred pronouns.

If you select the “Other” option, the form allows you to enter your custom pronouns if none of the four other options meet your needs.

There’s also the option for users to select “Prefer not to share” because, obviously, something like pronouns can be such a personal and private matter, I guess?

The form also allows you to select your prefix, like Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., as well as including the option of Mx., which after looking it up, I learned is a non-gender specific prefix. According to Wikipedia, it is not commonly used in the United States—probably because it’s just as absurd as preferred pronouns—but nevertheless has now been legitimized by the Biden administration.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) called attention to this revision to the White House contact form on Twitter, prompting praise from some users, and mockery from others.

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