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Biden Is Already Breaking His Promise to Be a President 'for All Americans'

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Regardless of whether you believe President Donald Trump’s legal team will pull off a miracle to reverse the fraudulent results of the election, Joe Biden is currently assembling his administration and doing his best to make headlines while doing so. It seems like we’re seeing lots of “Joe Biden to pick X for Y. Will be the first Z cabinet member in history.”

Biden made unity a key theme of his campaign and he’s repeatedly pledged to be “a president for all Americans.”

All Americans except those who voted for Trump, that is.

Biden may be assembling a cabinet with a diversity of skin color, gender, and sexual orientation, but not a diversity of thought. If you voted for Biden thinking he’d pick a cabinet of ideological rivals, you were duped. His cabinet members may look different from each other, but they don’t represent all Americans. They don’t represent the 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump. Biden has picked longtime loyalists and Obama retread and assembling a team of left-wing yes-men.

This is hardly surprising. Joe Biden is an old white heterosexual man in a party that hates old white heterosexual men. He picked his running mate solely on her color and gender, and he’s picking people based on their diversity scores, as if assembling an administration is a game show and he’s trying to get the highest score in the hopes of making up for being male and for the lack of melanin in his skin.

Prior to the election, we were treated to rumors that Biden was considering picking Republicans to serve in his administration. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich, former Senator Jeff Flake, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker kept showing up. While none of these men are true conservatives, these trial-ballon rumors sent a message to independents and anti-Trump Republicans nationwide that Biden would be a middle-of-the-road president. Baker reportedly wasn’t interested, but when are we going to get the news that Kasich or Flake, or some other “Republican” has been picked? Other Republicans Biden’s allegedly considered have yet to be publicly announced for his administration. Sure, the Republicans he’d pick would most likely be yes-men too, but at least he would appear to be trying to have a little diversity of thought in his administration and please moderate voters.

Yet, so far, he’s not even pretending to care about being the president of 75 million people who didn’t vote for him. And why would he? He’s mocked them and called them racists.

“There are people who support the president because they like the fact that he is engaged in the politics of division,” Biden said back in April. “They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad and… dividing this nation based on ethnicity, race. This is the one [sic] of the few presidents who succeeded by deliberately trying to divide the country, not unite the country.”

Biden didn’t just lie about what Trump said, but ascribed those false sentiments to his supporters. It’s quite obvious that Biden has no intention of being a president “for all Americans” because he considers Trump supporters to be irredeemable, racist, and deplorable. His version of unity isn’t compatible with diversity of thought because he and his party believe that anyone who disagrees with the Democratic Party platform is the lowest form of human being possible. His call for unity has never been about achieving true unity.

Anyone can claim to be a uniter. Heck, even Barack Obama claimed to be one. But it takes more than lip service to actually be a uniter, and we haven’t gotten any more than that from Joe Biden. How many anti-Trump Republicans voted for Biden thinking he’d “work with Republicans” and be a consensus-seeking president? Based on his cabinet choices so far, it’s quite clear that Biden couldn’t care less about consensus.

But Biden actually has an incentive for not just giving lip-service to his unity rhetoric. Just under half of voters don’t even recognize him as their president. Perhaps it’s time for him to prove that he will actually be “a president for all Americans” and include some ideological diversity in his administration.

If he really wants this nation to heal, that’s what he needs to do.

He won’t, of course. And let’s face it, no one actually believed that’s what he’d do.


Matt Margolis is the author of Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis