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Doctors Say Man Who Died After Falling off 10-Foot Ladder Actually Killed by COVID

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Doctors say that a builder in Croatia who died after falling off a 10-foot ladder actually died of COVID-19.

You read that right.

The unnamed man was pronounced dead at the scene after succumbing to his injuries, but a COVID-19 test was administered postmortem, and it came back positive, reports the Daily Mail.

An autopsy revealed that large portions of his lungs were blocked. The man had a life-threatening condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Experts believe that this condition, which was caused by COVID-19, precipitated his fall. Under World Health Organization guidelines, his death was recorded as a COVID-19 fatality.

Academics at the University of Zagreb said the Covid-induced illness had caused his fall, which they argued meant the death must be recorded as a Covid-19 fatality under World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

The scientists said the evidence ‘unequivocally’ led to Covid-19 being to blame for the death —  but they did not specify how.

Experts today suggested the man may have lost his balance while climbing the rungs, leading to the fall, which would make Covid-19 to blame. They added that going up a ladder while suffering from ARDS was the ‘last place I would want to be’.

In July, it was discovered that a Florida resident who died in a motorcycle accident was listed as a COVID-19 fatality by the state. Stories like this raise serious questions about the accuracy of the coronavirus data being reported.

The man who died falling off the ladder in Croatia was a smoker and did have Type 2 diabetes, both of which raise the risk of death from COVID.

The decision to attribute the death to coronavirus was presented in a study in the Journal of Forensic Pathology by pathologists led by Velibor Puzovic from Dubrovnik General Hospital.

The WHO defines a death from Covid as one ‘resulting from a clinically compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed Covid-19 case’.

But the organisation also says deaths where there is a ‘clear alternative cause’ should not be attributed to the virus.

Falling off a ladder is undoubtedly a “clear alternative cause,” is it not?


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