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YouTube Removes Biotech Company's Video Showing Potential Internal UVA Light Treatment for Coronavirus


If you’ve been paying attention the past few weeks, you’re aware of the fact that articles and blog posts shared on social media that dare to suggest that social distancing isn’t needed anymore, or that the curve has already been flattened, or basically anything that contradicts the preferred narrative of the moment has been flagged by the gatekeepers of social media to prevent them from being seen by the public.

In the wake of the press briefing where President Trump touted the possibility of using UV light to destroy the coronavirus, a biotech company called Aytu BioScience has been developing a UV light treatment called Healight, and posted a video to YouTube describing the treatment and its potential. It has since been taken down for violating YouTube’s community guidelines. The product has not been reviewed by the FDA, and it’s not yet been demonstrated to be an effective treatment, but a study from the team published in 2019 suggests that “UVA therapy can potentially provide a safe and effective novel approach to antimicrobial treatment via phototherapy on internal organs.”

Josh Disbrow, the chairman & chief executive officer of Aytu BioScience, shared a link to the video on April 23.

When you click through to the YouTube page, this is what you see.

The video was also removed from Vimeo, another video sharing site.

You can still see the video at their website, where it is embedded.

Why is YouTube censoring a video from a legitimate biotech company’s legitimate research into a potential treatment for the coronavirus? Is it because Trump had been talking about this very sort of treatment? Certainly looks that way. As Aytu BioScience notes, “UVA and UVB devices have been FDA-approved with indications to treat human diseases including skin lymphoma, eczema, and psoriasis. Of the three spectrums, UVA light appears to cause the least damage to mammalian cells. Recent advances in light emitting diodes (LEDs) have made it much more feasible to manufacture and apply narrow band (NB) UVA light to internal organs.”

It’s innovative and has enormous potential, for sure. Shouldn’t we embrace innovative medical technologies rather than censor them because of politics?


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