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Moderate Democrats Manchin and Sinema Vote to Convict Trump

President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

Moderate Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia have announced their intentions to vote to convict Trump on both impeachment charges, according to NBC News.

“The facts are clear; security aid was withheld from Ukraine in an attempt to benefit the president’s political campaign,” Sinema said in a statement. Sinema broke ranks during the State of the Union and cheered several times when her Democrat colleagues did not, leaving some to speculate that the red-state Democrat might side with Trump.

“While White House attorneys claim this behavior is not serious, it is dangerous to the fundamental principles of American democracy to use the power of the federal government for personal or political gain. Worse, they failed to assure the American people that this behavior will not continue and that future national security decisions will be made free from personal interests,” she continued.

Trump’s last hope for a bipartisan acquittal was crushed when Manchin also announced his intention to vote to convict on both charges. “Voting whether or not to remove a sitting President has been a truly difficult decision, and after listening to the arguments presented by both sides, I have reached my conclusion reluctantly,” Manchin’s statement read. “For the reasons above I must vote yes on the articles of impeachment. I take no pleasure in these votes, and am saddened this is the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren. I have always wanted this President, and every President to succeed, but I deeply love our country and must do what I think is best for the nation.”

Manchin was the only Democrat to vote in favor of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. He was re-elected to another 6-year term in 2018, and won’t face the voters of his state until after Trump no longer running for office.

Kyrsten Sinema, however, is up for re-election in a special election in November.