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Senate Investigators Contradict New York Times' Kavanaugh Smears

Senate Investigators Contradict New York Times' Kavanaugh Smears
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In the aftermath of the most recent New York Times smear against Brett Kavanaugh, Senate investigators revealed Monday evening that the FBI “ended the investigation of alleged sexual misconduct in college by Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh after interviewing at least four people involved in the purported incident who could not substantiate the story.”

The New York Times article adapted from The Education of Brett Kavanaugh, by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, which was published this week, claimed that Senate investigators didn’t properly investigate the allegations made by Deborah Ramirez. Senate investigators, however, say that is not true.

“A year ago, The New York Times did not even find Deborah Ramirez’s flimsy at best allegations fit to print,” said former Senate Judiciary Committee counsel Mike Davis. “These allegations have not gotten any truer over the last year, and this is just the left’s attempt to repackage and relitigate their lies and smears against Justice Kavanaugh, a very good man.” Davis worked on the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Another Senate Judiciary Committee staffer said the FBI not only interviewed Ramirez about her claim, but also two alleged witnesses. The New York Times article strongly implies that the Republican-controlled Senate prevented any other witnesses from being interviewed.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, an Iowa Republican who served as chairman of the Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearings, said his staff chased down eight people linked to Ms. Ramirez during the committee’s investigation into alleged misconduct and never heard from Mr. Stier or anything about the other incident alleged by The New York Times.

“This is not an allegation. It’s barely a thirdhand rumor. These writers didn’t even speak to the man who they claimed originally recounted this rumor,” Mr. Grassley said on the chamber floor. “What’s left is only layers and layers of decades-old hearsay.”

The Washington Times notes tath Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, was aware of the Max Stier allegations during the confirmation hearings. Feinstein infamously kept the Ford allegations to herself before dropping them at the 11th hour, but did not leak the Stier allegations.

Despite the New York Times correcting their original story to note that the alleged victim in the Max Stier allegations does not recall the incident, which basically means it didn’t happen, none of the 2020 Democrats who called for Brett Kavanaugh’s impeachment have backtracked.

“The fact that someone does not remember the details of that incident doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of evidence if there are other witnesses who can establish that the fact occurred,” Senator Kamala Harris said on NPR. So much for #BelieveWomen, I guess.

In the end, there has never been a single credible or corroborated allegation made against Brett Kavanaugh. If Democrats attempt to pursue impeachment, it will most certainly backfire on them.


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