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Michael Avenatti Still Considering 2020 Presidential Run

Michael Avenatti Still Considering 2020 Presidential Run
Michael Avenatti (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers)

Late in 2018, Michael Avenatti, the former lawyer for Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, announced, to all our disappointment, that he would not run for president in 2020. While many of us found this disappointing, the dream isn’t fully gone. CNBC reported Saturday that Michael Avenatti is still considering jumping into the 2020 Democrat clown car.

“Never say never,” he said when asked if he’s going to get into the race. “The Dems need a non-traditional fighter. They have a lot of talent but not a lot of fighters.” He later noted that the odds of him getting into the race are at 50/50 and he could make his decision in a few months.

“I don’t think I need to make a final decision for a number of months. I have the name ID and everyone knows I’m one of the few effective fighters that the Dems have,” he said.


As he’s watched the almost two dozen candidates square off in the primary debates, Avenatti says he continues to believe Democrats don’t have the fighter that can take on Trump come the general election and suggested he could be the candidate to beat him.

“I am increasingly concerned that the Dems don’t have the right fighter to go toe to toe with Trump,” he said. “And the future of the republic and our way of life is on the line. He is a brawler who has no bounds. The Dems need a guy who can match him punch for punch. I may be that guy.”

According to Avenatti, he has a “number of things to deal with” before making a decision—which most likely means his legal issues. In March, he was arrested for allegedly extorting $20 million from Nike, and he was later indicted for stealing money from a number of clients and lying about his income to regulators. “To those that call me a ‘criminal’ – first, I haven’t been convicted of anything by Trump’s DOJ,” Avenatti said. “And second, the biggest criminal in America is currently in the White House.”

Run, Avenatti, run!

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