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Michelle Obama Is The World's Most Admired Woman for Some Reason

Michelle Obama Is The World's Most Admired Woman for Some Reason
(AP Photo/Ivan Fernandez)

YouGov runs an annual study to determine which public figures are most admired by humans. For reasons that cannot be explained, Michelle Obama has topped the list of most admired woman. What exactly has she done to merit so much admiration around the globe? Beats me, but considering she dethroned actress Angelina Jolie as the world’s most admired woman, it certainly raises questions as to what qualities the world’s population consider admirable.

Michelle Obama has supplanted Angelina Jolie as the world’s most admired woman, according to YouGov’s annual study of which public figures the people of our planet look up to.

In fact, the American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian has fallen from first place last year to third place this year, with US talk show and philanthropist host Oprah Winfrey coming second in the 2019 list.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates remains the world’s most admired man. He’s topped the list every time YouGov has conducted the survey.

In fact, the top five men remain unchanged since last year. Former US president Barack Obama comes in second, and the third to fifth places are all occupied by Chinese figures: actor Jackie Chan in third, president Xi Jinping in fourth and businessman Jack Ma in fifth.

This year the study expanded to cover the views of people in 41 countries – the most ever – with more than 42,000 people being interviewed to compile the list.

While Barack Obama is similarly undeserving of admiration, there’s no denying that Michelle Obama wouldn’t even be a public figure if not for her husband being elected president. Her primary initiative as First Lady was her healthy school lunch program was almost universally derided, and was ultimately shut down by the Trump administration.

As First Lady, Michelle Obama enjoyed many extravagances at the expense of taxpayers. including lavish vacations, and an excessively large staff. Why would Michelle Obama be more admired than, for instance, Oprah Winfrey, who has arguably done more to deserve admiration? Oprah has been in the public eye far longer than Michelle Obama—who is only in the public eye because of her husband. Doesn’t Michelle Obama’s high profile just reinforce the patriarchy or something?