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The Top Twenty Mueller Report Memes

I am a big fan of memes, and the internet did not disappoint when it came to producing some laugh out loud memes in response to the Mueller report being completed yesterday with obvious signs that no Russian collusion was found. I scoured social media for the best memes and compiled them here, in no particular order. Which are your favorites? If I missed any really great ones post them in the comments!

20. Apology

Obviously, this won’t happen, but it should.

19. The Russian/Smollett Hoax

Russian collusion was as fake as the Jussie Smollett attack.

18. Crying Liberals

Funny because it’s true. Just look on social media.

17. Conspiracy Theory

Liberal trying to make sense of the Mueller report be like this

16. Cheers

They might actually turn to prayer this time.

15. The Sound of Mueller

We’re looking! Can’t find it! It was never there!

14. Mueller Time?

#MuellerTime was a huge bust for the left and it was glorious.

13. Milton

We were all told that, Milton. We all were.

12. Breaking News

This made me literally laugh out loud!

11. Marked Safe

If you’ve ever been near Trump, you were probably considered a potential witness. Once it was revealed that no more indictments were recommended, and the investigation was closed, lots of innocent people breathed a sigh of relief.

10. Mueller, Mueller

An oldie, but a goodie.

9. Jussie v. Trump

Awesome on so many levels.

8. Crying Liberal

And we were promised affordable healthcare under Obamacare. That didn’t happen either.

7. Jealous Mueller Report

After spending two years convinced the Mueller report would be the end of Trump, Democrats are now clearly pinning their hopes on The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to do what Mueller couldn’t.

6. Here’s Mueller’s Report

I feel like Trump should personally give a copy of the report to Rep. Adam Schiff and say exactly that.

5. Geraldo in the Vault

Not everyone will understand this reference, but if you do, it’s hilarious!

4. Unseen Evidence

Notice how Democrats are convinced that there are secret indictments and evidence that we’re not seeing? This captures their desperation perfectly.

3. McMueller’s

I love this one, and want someone to put it on a t-shirt!

2. Mueller’s a Russian!

Because everyone who doesn’t come through for the Democrats is a Russian puppet.

1. Nothingburger

The Mueller report is clearly not what the Democrats ordered.