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No More Indictments Expected in Mueller Probe

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

For over two years now, the radical left has convinced itself that Donald Trump wasn’t a fairly elected president, that he and his campaign colluded with Russia, who somehow managed to change votes and pull off an unexpected victory on Election Day 2016. If anyone could find evidence of collusion, it was special counsel Mueller, with unlimited resources, and an army of anti-Trump investigators.

But liberals who have been chomping at the bit waiting for Mueller to come to their rescue and give cause for Trump’s impeachment and criminal prosecution should be bracing themselves to be hugely disappointed. According to a recent report, no more indictments are expected as part of the Mueller probe, according to ABC News.

There’s no shortage of speculation on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, much of it totally uninformed.

But we don’t need to speculate on the scope – the man who appointed Mueller has already given us a potential road map on what to expect from the special counsel.

The bottom line: Do not expect a harsh condemnation of President Donald Trump or any of his associates if they have not been charged with crimes.

The road map comes in the form a little-noticed 12-page letter written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last June to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.

In his letter, Rosenstein wrote, “Punishing wrongdoers through judicial proceedings is only one part of the Department’s mission. We also have a duty to prevent the disclosure of information that would unfairly tarnish people who are not charged with crimes.”

Sources familiar with the investigation believe there are no more indictments coming from the special counsel. If Mueller follows the guidance of the man who appointed him and supervised his investigation, he cannot publicly disparage those who have not been charged with a crime.

Rosenstein is emphatic on this point: “In fact, disclosing uncharged allegations against American citizens without a law-enforcement need is considered to be a violation of a prosecutor’s trust.”

The Mueller probe has resulted in over 30 indictments and plea deals. Vox has compiled a list here, and you will notice something very interesting if you read through them: none of Trump’s business or campaign associates have been indicted for anything relating to collusion with Russia. George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone… the left may have salivated each time one of them got ensnared by Mueller, but none of their legal troubles, despite being part of the Russia probe, brought us closer to evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. If anything, just the opposite. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney and fixer, enjoyed attorney-client privilege with Trump. If anyone had the goods on Russian collusion, it was him, and he showed he was more than willing to sing like a canary in the hopes of reducing his sentence, but when he testified before Congress as the Democrats’ star witness, he said he had no direct evidence of collusion. “Questions have been raised about whether I know of direct evidence that Mr. Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. I do not. I want to be clear,” he said.

The Mueller probe is just about over, as is the Democrats’ hopes of ousting Trump via impeachment. They’ll try to keep the dream alive with their own partisan investigations in the hopes of making it difficult for Trump to govern, or appoint a new Supreme Court justice in the event of a vacancy. Those will go nowhere, of course. At least one potential witness, Michael R. Caputo, is refusing to cooperate with the Democrats’ witch hunt.  After two years of an investigation that has become a distraction for the country, people are ready to move on—even if Democrats haven’t gotten the message. The end of the Mueller probe may be the end of the Democrats’ impeachment fantasy, but things are only going to get uglier from there.