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The Morning Briefing: Police Allow Antifa to Beat Up, 'Milkshake' Targeted Journalist

The Morning Briefing: Police Allow Antifa to Beat Up, 'Milkshake' Targeted Journalist

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • No word from the WH about the president’s schedule today.

What did you expect, Andy?


This story really puts the squealing by “journalists” on the left, like Brian Stelter or Jim Acosta, in context when Trump calls them “fake news.” Boohoo. Have any of the corporate media or television jesters been beaten, hit with a “milkshake” comprised of quick-setting cement, and gone to the hospital with a brain bleed?

If you missed it this weekend, Andy Ngo, a photojournalist at Quillette who regularly covers Antifa violence, was targeted at an Antifa riot for filming their violent tantrum. Antifa showed up to menace the “Proud Boys,” who were holding a public event. Ngo was beaten, he was “milkshaked” with quick-setting cement, and ended up in the hospital with a brain bleed. They also stole his Go Pro containing footage of the rioting. The corporate media, for the most part, is ignoring this, even though Ngo is Asian and gay and usually they love stories about white people beating up gays or minorities. But this time is different because Ngo isn’t a progressive liberal, so he deserves it. What did you expect, Andy? 

Even worse, the mayor of Portland and the police just stood by and let it happen. Because What did you expect, Andy? It’s almost like the city government is on the side of the terrorists.


If anyone remotely capable of being assigned to “the right wing” laid a finger on a precious, corporate journalist, we would have a meltdown in the news at levels never seen before. They can’t even handle the president uttering words about them. Remember how excited the media was when that mentally ill man with Trump stickers all over his van was sending fake bombs to them? We were lectured, fingers were wagged at the “right wing” about toning down the anti-media rhetoric. But here, the response has been to say the Ngo is not a journalist, rather than condemning all political violence. The left believes in political violence against their opponents.

Why did the police sit back while masked Antifa went on its tour of violence and destruction? Is there any threshold that would spur these negligent “law enforcement” to intervene? Calls are coming in for the Department of Justice to step in and I agree. What’s the point of having a police force if they won’t step into to stop an assault in broad daylight?

In the meantime, remember, if the self-designated elite don’t like your opinions and don’t like you exercising your First Amendment rights, then you are entitled to some violence.



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“Stunt”: Trump steps foot in North Korea

President Trump left the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan, and headed to the Demilitarized Zone in the Koreas, making him the first U.S. president to step foot in North Korea.

“I just want to say that this is my honor. I didn’t really expect it. We were in Japan for the G-20. We came over and I said, ‘Hey, I’m over here. I want to call up Chairman Kim.’ And we got to meet,” Trump said at a joint press conference Sunday after the two walked across the demarcation line that has separated the two countries for 66 years, since the end of the Korean War.

“And stepping across that line was a great honor. A lot of progress has been made. A lot of friendships have been made. And this has been in particular a great friendship. So I just want to thank you. That was very quick notice, and I want to thank you,” Trump said.

Trump and Kim Jung-un also agreed to “jump start” nuclear talks.


Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat running for president, was outraged and called it a publicity stunt. Was Trump’s visit any more of a publicity stunt than all the photo op shenanigans the Democrats pull but never get called out on? Like a cropped photo of AOC crying on the other side of a fence from a parking lot, not, as the photo implied, at some horror at the border? Or Robert Francis O’Rourke visiting the border last weekend? Not a stunt?

Meanwhile, the smart people who have botched foreign policy and gotten Americans killed in decades of bloody wars were critical of Trump’s decision to meet with psycho dictator  Kim Jung-un. Eh, we heard no such criticism of Obama’s Iran deal and certainly, Iran is no more noble than North Korea.


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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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