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The Morning Briefing: You Decide- Papadopoulos Is an Israeli Spy or a RUSSIAN Colluder and Much, Much More

The Morning Briefing: You Decide- Papadopoulos Is an Israeli Spy or a RUSSIAN Colluder and Much, Much More
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Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the President’s agenda today.

  • The President meets with the United States ambassador to the United Nations
  • President Trump has lunch with the secretary of State
  • The President participates in the Celebration of America
  • President Trump meets with Members of Congress
  • The President participates in the signing ceremony for S. 292 – The Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research Act of 2018

BOMBSHELL: Mueller threatened to charge Papadopoulos with being an Israeli spy

Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller had a whopper of a story yesterday. Simona Mangiante, former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos’ wife, revealed this gem to Ross in an interview:

“George had nothing to do with Russia,” said Mangiante, who has acted as a sort of spokeswoman for her husband in the months since his plea deal.

Mangiante also said Papadopoulos “pled guilty because [Mueller’s prosecutors] threatened to charge him with being an Israeli agent.”

WOAH. Is Papa (I’m tired of spelling it out) an Israeli spy or is he a colluder with RUSSIA? I’m so confused, but there could be a pattern developing here…

And Mollie Hemingway over at The Federalist reminded us in back in April about this Israel-focused Mueller project:

Another black mark on Mueller’s record at the FBI was the pursuit of what the bureau dramatically claimed was an Israeli spy ring operating out of the Pentagon. The news broke in August 2004 that a spy working for Israel was in the Department of Defense.

It turned out that the bureau had gone after a policy analyst who had chatted with American lobbyists at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Charges were also pursued against two AIPAC employees. Those charges were later dropped and the sentence of the first person was dropped from 13 years to 10 months of house arrest and some community service.


Mangiante appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night and asked President Trump to pardon her husband.

“I honestly — I know how committed, how much dedicated he was to the Trump campaign,” Mrs. Papadopoulos said. “I trust and I hope and I ask the president to pardon him. I hope he will.”

Hey, why not?

Mueller wants to revoke Manafort bail

Witch-hunter Robert Mueller wants to revoke former short-lived Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s bail for witness tampering.

Attorneys with the special counsel have accused Manafort of “attempting to tamper with potential witnesses” while awaiting his trial, which thereby “has violated the conditions of his release.”

In February, within days of Mueller’s filing a 32-count superseding indictment against Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman allegedly contacted two individuals who worked with him on a lobbying scheme to aid his Kremlin-backed Ukrainian clients.

Wait: “in February”? It’s June now, why the lag? It’s possible Mueller’s people just discovered this but the timing seems fishy.

Mean girl media continues bitch attacks on Trump folk

After First Lady Melania Trump disappeared from the public eye following some kidney surgery, the media fantasized about where she was. Did she have some “work” done? Did she leave the president and move back to the NYC? “We demand ANSWERS, Melania! We will not be ignored!”


Melania fired back yesterday, calling the press corp “rabid.” (A little too nice for my taste, but I get the sentiment.)

“Mrs. Trump has always been a strong and independent woman who puts her family and certainly her health above all else,” the first lady’s statement reportedly said on Monday. “And that won’t change over a rabid press corps.”

“She’s confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense,” the statement added.

On another front, “journalist” Jim Acosta tried to rally his resistance media co-conspirators against White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders. Sanders refused to let the camera peacock Acosta ask a follow-up question in the daily press briefing.

After the briefing, Acosta mused on Twitter that reporters should team up on Sanders and unite when one of them does gets “cut off.” “One way to address the briefing is for reporters to stick together when the press sec cuts somebody off,” Acosta said, declaring that reporters should just stonewall Sanders as a group, “Ideally we could and should insist on answers if somebody is cut off. We don’t do that as much as we should.”

I don’t know why the briefings have to be televised. Why not pull the plug and just broadcast the audio? It’s clear Acosta and his resistance media ilk just want the spotlight to prep for their prime-time media congratulatory appearances.


Self-pardon gate continues

Trump: I have the right to pardon myself But could he go blind by doing so?

GOP senators: A president can obstruct justice

Yes, Trump can pardon himself — and the left’s endless quest for magic bullets to stop him won’t work

Your daily WTFs:

White House ‘looking into’ reports Pruitt sought mattress from Trump Hotel

Mysterious poop falling from the sky baffles Canadian town

I fell like there’s a metaphor here. Feral peacocks are attacking luxury cars after seeing their own reflections

Historical picture of the day:

A Chinese man stands alone to block a line of tanks heading east on Beijing’s Cangan Blvd. in Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989. The man, calling for an end to the recent violence and bloodshed against pro-democracy demonstrators, was pulled away by bystanders, and the tanks continued on their way. The Chinese government crushed a student-led demonstration for democratic reform and against government corruption, killing hundreds, or perhaps thousands of demonstrators in the strongest anti-government protest since the 1949 revolution. Ironically, the name Tiananmen means “Gate of Heavenly Peace”. (AP Photo/Jeff Widener)

Other morsels:

Supreme Court sides with baker who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple

Justice Dept. appeals ruling in Trump Twitter-blocking case


Trump says Philadelphia Eagles won’t attend White House ceremony amid national anthem dispute

Suspected Arizona serial killer kills self as officers close in: police

Saudi Arabia issues its first driver’s licenses to women

Well-played. Israel uses ‘Mean Girls’ to troll Iran on Twitter

Seattle has collected 42,000 pounds of garbage around homeless camps in just 3 weeks

Theatrics. Police called as Sen. Jeff Merkley tries to enter immigrant children’s shelter

CNN: Trump-Macron phone call went ‘terrible’

Former Navy sailor pardoned by Trump plans to sue Obama

US Customs took $58K from an American citizen without charging him with a crime

That’ll do it. Facing down two armed robbers, homeowner grabs his ‘own, personal AK-47.’

Terrible. Pentagon investigates White House doctor Ronny Jackson

Swampy. GOP staffers who wrote the tax bill cash in with lobbying gigs

Elections have consequences. Ben Rhodes: Trump reverses Obama policies just because they were Obama’s

Former intelligence officer charged with trying to share secrets with China

Arizona killer identified, may have murdered up to 6 people, police say

Weight loss balloons now linked to 12 deaths

Woody Allen says he should be a ‘poster child’ for the #MeToo movement because none of the actresses he’s worked with have accused him of sexual misconduct


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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