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Legislator Offers to Loan Firearms to Constituents

Talk about constituent services.

A Missouri lawmaker is protesting stringent rules against carrying a firearm at the Missouri State Capitol and has offered to loan a gun to anyone with a valid carry permit who visits the building.

“This is not Freedom and Liberty! This is not how citizens should be greeted when entering The People’s House, their Missouri State Capitol,” said Rep. Nick Marshall (R) on his Facebook page.

Marshall posted an update on his page that read: “Effective immediately, any constituent of mine with a CCW that was not allowed to bring his firearm into the Capitol may stop by my office and borrow one for the duration of the visit.”

While state law allows legislators and their staff to carry, it allows the same legislators to ban firearms from public buildings. The new, tighter restrictions come from newly elected GOP Governor Eric Greitens, who wanted to tighten up security at the Missouri State  Capitol.

A few of Marshall’s constituents were not excited about the offer.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Who and why does anyone NEED a concealed weapon in a Capitol or a court house except of course because imbecile State legislators have made it so damn easy for anyone to carry and do now all of us should carry to protect ourselves from some nitwit that stopped by your office to get a pass.”


However the majority of comments were supportive.

“The state Constitution affirms the *right* to carry a weapon. It does not provide the right, it affirms that the right exists. The US Constitution does the same. As for carrying a concealed weapon in the state capitol, it is not a criminal offense to carry in the capital so the only thing stopping a CCW permit holder from doing so are the metal detectors and their desire to not be ticketed if asked to leave and they refuse. People who murder already show that they don’t care about laws, so it’s unlikely that they’ll care about metal detectors or a permit either.”

“Kudos, Nick Marshall, for honoring both our second amendment AND your constituents!”

“Nick Marshall reads and follows the Constitution. Why don’t you try that sometime?”

What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?