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Israeli Flag Set on Fire Outside DNC

Protestors outside the Democrat National Convention burned an Israeli flag, chanting “intifada” and “Go home, f*** Hillary!”

Byron Tau of the Wall Street Journal tweeted pictures from the crowd of protestors.

Other protestors were holding signs in support of Bernie Sanders.

US media reported that nearly 2,000 demonstrators, predominantly supporters of Sanders, marched on the convention to vent their anger over recent controversies that have embroiled the Democratic party.

Fox News reported that police had detained dozens of people, however authorities said no arrests were made, but more than 50 people were cited for disorderly conduct.

 This isn’t the first instance of anti-Israeli sentiment from the Democrats. Back in 2012, delegates booed and hissed as a measure passed that recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.  Most recently, leaked emails revealed by WikiLeaks showed the staffers at the Democrat National Committee were irritated they had to commemorate the Holocaust for Yom Hashoah.

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