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Did Don Lemon Really Just Stand Up for Tucker Carlson?

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Did CNN viewers (all six of them) witness a rare instance of reconciliation Monday night? Was there a moment of kinship transcending party and ideological boundaries akin to the legendary World War I Christmas Truce? Is the moon indeed in the Seventh House? Has Jupiter actually aligned with Mars? Did Don Lemon really stand up for Tucker Carlson?

Well, the part about Lemon is true. You can watch it here. As to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, don’t hold your breath. Despite this rare and brief display of solidarity, I think we all know where the lines are drawn. In this case, Lemon took issue with Dan Bailey’s confrontation of Carlson in a fishing shop in Montana in the presence of Carlson’s daughter. That, of course, was caught on yet another “viral” video, which undoubtedly showed up in almost all of your news feeds ad infinitum.

Lemon noted that Carlson holds what he considers to be reprehensible views and that Carlson himself has done similar things to other people, namely Lemon. But he did state that Carlson had the right to his personal space and that such a thing should not happen to anyone. Ana Navarro, who was sitting in on the segment, basically opined that Carlson was getting as good as he routinely gives and that those kinds of confrontations come with the job.

I’ll give Lemon credit for saying that such a thing should not take place. Be that as it may, he did refer to Carlson as a Fox News propagandist, so he apparently couldn’t resist getting in a shot. Unfortunate. I guess it was good while it lasted.

In a perfect world, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, Left or Right, would be able to voice an opinion without having someone jump out of the woodwork at them. Especially when they are with their children. But the calls for civility sound a little hollow coming from the left side of the aisle. Twitter mobs are made up of leftists. Cancel culture is made up of leftists, and — for the umpteenth time — while a group of goons ran amuck in the Capitol in January, it was not conservatives trying to burn down cities last summer.

High-profile conservatives were not the ones calling for people to track down folks in public places and “get in their faces.” Conservatives are not the ones demonizing people for crimes they did not commit, or forcing them from their jobs. For that matter, look at the hearings on the January 6 riot, in which Donald Trump is being portrayed as Grendel to Nancy Pelosi’s Beowulf. (Okay that may not be a completely apt illustration, but I needed something a little dramatic. Give a guy a break, once in a while.)

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I’ll be the first one to cheer when we start acting like ladies and gentlemen or whatever the hell your preferred pronouns are. And if you have been a parent, you know that the phrase “He started it!” gets a little thin after just one or two times. But the truth is that by and large, the hostility has come from the Left. And they need to take responsibility for that before feigning sympathy.

Again, don’t hold your breath.