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British Trans Pedo Gets Jail for Raping Dog

British Trans Pedo Gets Jail for Raping Dog
(AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

What does it take to go to prison in England?

John “Claire” Goodear, 60,  was sentenced to 20 months in the hoosegow after a two-year investigation revealed he had “cocaine-fueled” sex with a dog. It gets worse.


Goodear has a history of depravity, including:

  • seven counts of taking indecent photographs of a child
  • nine counts of making indecent photographs of a child
  • possessing 187 indecent photos of a child for distribution

Goodear also faced two other charges, “causing or indicting a child aged 13 to 17 to engage in prostitution or pornography” and distributing eight photographs of child pornography.

Goodear was never sent to prison. He DID end up on a sexual predator watch list. The police came by for a routine check and discovered Goodear had been searching the internet for bestiality. The police took his phone and computer.

Apparently, the local police are too busy to check into their local trans pedophiles. Two years after the cops took Goodear’s electronics, the police finally got around to looking into the devices. They arrested him after finding more disturbing pictures. These photos, located in hidden files on Goodear’s computer, showed him having sex with an unfortunate German Shepherd.

Goodear had found other “people” on the internet who are interested in sex with animals and some were seen in the pictures. He had also violated the terms of a previous suspended sentence order.

“You are a long, long way from changing your life,” the judge scolded. “Since the terrible offense took place you kept the images unashamedly for your own sexual gratification. Your record is appalling and it could be said you were astonishingly lucky not to go to prison previously.”

Goodear will see finally see the inside of a prison. Not for taking pornographic pictures of children, but for shagging a dog.

Due to English law, Goodear will likely stay in a women’s prison. Male prisoners do not need medical or legal proof of being a woman to enter a female prison, they just need to say “I’m a woman” and the English authorities are likely to send them to a women’s penitentiary. How very “woke.”

What Have We Learned?

In England, a man in a dress can take and make kiddie porn (almost 200 photographs), distribute it, and avoid prison. But if he is caught with two-year-old dog-porn, he goes to a women’s prison for 20 months.

Merry Christmas–it’s great to be an American!

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