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Scorn in the U.S.A.: Obama Calls Springsteen Fans 'Racist.' The Boss Agrees.

Scorn in the U.S.A.: Obama Calls Springsteen Fans 'Racist.' The Boss Agrees.
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Biting The Hand That Has Fed You for 50 Years

Bromance has been blooming between former President Obama and Bruce Springsteen.

They’ve been hanging out and chatting about intimate things, kind of like a bad Low-T commercial. Bruce believes he is part blue-collar and part counter-culture. Obama thinks he is a scary, black guy.


More importantly, Obama believes Bruce Springsteen’s fans are racists, and the Boss agrees.

The two race-obsessed mega-lefties met to push their new podcast “Renegades: Born In The USA.”  At one point, the Bamster mentions Springsteen’s long-time sax player, Clarence “Big Man” Clemons, who was black. Clemons died in 2011 after performing with Springsteen for 39 years.

“What Bruce and Clarence portrayed on stage was essentially a reconciliation,” Obama claims.

“Oh yeah,” Springsteen agrees.

“But most of your audiences were primarily white,” Obama says to Springsteen. “And they can love Clarence when he’s on stage but if they ran into him in a bar…”

“Oh yeah,” agrees Springsteen.

“Suddenly the N-word comes out,” Obama continued.

“Yeah.” Springsteen agrees again.


Ouch. I can’t imagine how Springsteen fans feel about their icon agreeing that they’re a bunch of bigoted hobgoblins, so let’s read some of the Twitter responses.

Here is the punchline: Both of these jackpuddings have relied on white people for their respective successes.

Yes, it’s safe to assume most of Springsteen’s fans are white, but they revered Clemons as a sax god. Clemons sold out venues performing solo to fans he acquired from playing for years with Springsteen.

Not to be Mr. Obviouspants here, but Obama is an idiot. As the first black elected leader of a western nation — twice — Obama is walking, breathing proof that the U.S. isn’t nearly as racist as he needs to believe. If America’s white people are torch-wielding Klans-folk, how did Obama win twice? The black vote alone would not have carried him over the victory line.

One can argue Obama’s resume didn’t merit a presidential run but that people voted for him solely based on his race.


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Rolling Stone called Clemons the “backbone” of Springsteen’s E Street Band. Springsteen mentions him in his live rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” The beloved Clemons had a prominent place in Springsteen’s videos in the ’80s. He was adored, even by those drooling, racist hillbillies who have been buying Springsteen’s records, CDs, downloads, and concert tickets for 50 years. I’m not even a fan of Springsteen but I was bummed to hear Clemons had died.

Let’s not forget Bruce Wokensteen canceled a concert in North Carolina over a law stating that people need to use the restroom of their real gender. Bruce lost his marbles over where the state’s transgender crowd, which is at best .42% of the state’s population, can make pee-pee.

“Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them,” Springsteen wrote on his website.

Women have the right to use a restroom without a man next to them. It’s not bigotry; it’s decency, but remember: Leftists need to find hate in others, real or imagined, to feel better about themselves.

If Springsteen believes his fans are hate-mongers, why continue performing for legions of white, rage-filled goobers? Teach your fan base a lesson and retire.


FACT-O-RAMA! What do Bruce Springsteen and the Klan’s Grand Dragon have in common? They both pimped Hillary for president!

More questions! If Springsteen considers himself to be holier than those who made him rich;

Clarence Clemons was a legend to fans of the E Street Band. Some wondered if the band could survive without him. I’ve known a bunch of fans of Springsteen and the E Street Band. I’ve never heard one of them say, “I love the Boss, but what’s with the black guy?”

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