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[WATCH] Students Praise Kamala Harris But Can't Name a Single Achievement

[WATCH] Students Praise Kamala Harris But Can't Name a Single Achievement
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False Goddess

Kamala Harris’s popularity at this point is lower than three of the last four vice presidents. Her lack of motivation to address the calamity at the border hasn’t helped. It took her 94 days to get there, and when she did finally show up, she was 700 miles from the problem zone, the distance between New York City and Chicago. That’s more than a 12-hour drive with stopping for gas or Red Bull. She probably only went because Trump announced he was going and she didn’t want him to get there first. The video of her getting snarky with Lester Holt for calling her out for lying about visiting the border, though hilarious, gave her a harridan vibe she has yet to shake.

As per a current L.A. Times poll, Harris now has a 49% unfavorable rating, up 1% since the Campus Reform video you’re about to see was taped.

Race And Gender Checklist

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson recently hit the bricks at Georgetown University and asked students what they think of Kamala Harris and the job she is doing. The students overwhelmingly gushed over her, and agreed with Harris’s “policies.” When asked to name a few of Kamala’s policies they all came up empty. The only “achievements” they could name were Kamala’s gender and skin tone.

“It’s amazing to have a woman vice president and we’re making great headway with that” one student explained. “She’s a definite girl boss.”

When asked about achievements, one woman said she agreed with Kamala’s policies, but choked when asked to name a few.

“Maybe I don’t know what her policies are…maybe you can just cut that part out,” she suggested. Though the leftist students couldn’t actually name any policies they approved of, almost all agreed on one thing: Kamala is dropping the ball at the border—the ONE task given to her by Adderall Joe Biden.

When asked why they thought Kamala has a lower rating than other vice presidents, they suggested the usual: race and misogyny. Kamala’s gender and skin tone, the only “achievements” they could name, were given as the reasons for her lower ratings, DESPITE not being able to name one actual achievement, and criticizing her “work” at the border.

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