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Tucson Mass Shooter Arrested. Shockingly, He Isn't a White Supremacist and CNN Didn't Post His Pic

AP Photo/Ron Harris

No MAGA Hat Found

Tucson police have arrested mass shooter Leslie Stephen Scarlett. Last week Scarlett set fire to a house and then engaged in a shootout that left two people dead and four wounded, including two EMTs and a fire captain.

The wokesters at CNN apparently forgot to post a picture of the arsonist and mass shooter when they reported the story. Weird, right?

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Sequence of Events

The police are still investigating, but here is what is being reported:

  • A 911 call reported a structural fire.
  • Scarlett approached an ambulance that was in the neighborhood on another call and was preparing to assist at the fire. He shot one EMT in the head and one in the arm (both survived). Scarlett then drove to the location of the fire.
  • Scarlett opened fire on Tucson Fire Department personnel and bystanders.
  • A 44-year-old neighbor was shot in the head and died.
  • Police arrived and a shootout began.

Resist, THIS

When Tucson police responded, Scarlett fired at them. They returned fire and a shootout began. At one point, Scarlett tried to ram his SUV into a police vehicle, local news station KVOA reported. Scarlett was eventually shot by cops and stopped resisting. He is reportedly listed in critical condition.

An unidentified, charred body was found in the house.

Tucson Police Chief Craig Magnus held a press meeting and stated: “Mr. Scarlett has a criminal history that includes serving six years in prison for armed robbery. He also has a history of mental health issues. There are far too many individuals with violent criminal intent and the means to injure and kill people. Too often, first responders, such as police, fire and emergency medical service personnel become targeted for reasons that are unclear.”

“Is it a vendetta, the uniform, the authority it represents or just that police, fire and EMS are the ones out in the field responding to crises and dealing with deeply troubled people day in and day out?” the chief continued.