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Are False-Flag Events Real, and When Is the Next One?

Are False-Flag Events Real, and When Is the Next One?
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What Is a False-Flag Event?

A false-flag event is something that is done while trying to make it look like someone else did it. Most people believe the phrase “false flag” goes back to the days when pirates flew “false flags” to trick a ship into thinking it was friendly before attacking the ship.

False Flag Events In History

The Nazis knew how to throw a good false-flag event. They very probably burned their Reichstag building — Germany’s parliament — and blamed a feeble-minded Dutch commie, using this event to round up Stalin’s pinkos, who posed a serious threat at the time. On August 31, 1939, Germany staged a few Polish “attacks” on the Polish-German border, including a bogus attack on a radio station. These were attacks made to look as though Poland attacked Germany. Germany used these false-flag events to attack Poland the next day, starting World War II.

Has The U.S. Created Any False Flags?

Yes. In Iran and in Vietnam for sure. January 6th? Maybe. The jury is still out. I’m not saying was is or wasn’t a false-flag event, but I don’t believe that the “debunked myth” about BLM being there has been debunked. BLM activist John Sullivan was there. He shot the video of Ashli Babbitt’s murder. He made $90k off the video, and the feds took it away. Heh-heh-heh…

Emanuel Jackson was there but we haven’t heard a lot about his political leanings. Tucker Carlson has suggested that the FBI was undercover and in the Capitol. Lefty TV news shows with a fraction of Tucker’s audience obediently attacked him. It’s not my place to say yes, this was definitively an FBI false-flag situation. Time will tell. In the meantime, the FBI has gone after the “Insurgency Bingo Squad.” They’ve arrested a 69-year-old woman, even though a photo shows a Capitol cop holding the door for her, and a 69-year-old man from New York City.

The New Type of False-Flag Event

We also have situations in which a political party, with the help of the new media, takes an actual event and creates a narrative that isn’t real. When the pinkos were burning American cities over the death of career thug George Floyd, the left managed to turn some of the focus to Breonna Taylor, who had been shot two months earlier by police in a crossfire with Taylor’s boyfriend. Internet rumors became fact. “Taylor was shot in her bed for being black.” She was not. Breonna Taylor is dead because of her poor choices in men. She allowed an ex-boyfriend to use her home and car to sell drugs. Her new boyfriend fired his gun illegally through the front door and hit a cop when police tried to serve a search warrant. The cops fired back and Breonna was killed in the crossfire. Race had nothing to do with Taylor’s untimely death, but since when is personal responsibility an attribute of the far-left? Also, why waste an opportunity to smear cops, even though they were shooting in self-defense? Breonna’s death was used to vilify cops as “systemically racist” and to further the lefty agenda of not holding certain minorities responsible for their crimes.

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What’s Next?

“Whispering” Joe Biden’s administration released its National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. Not surprisingly, antifa and BLM didn’t get any attention, even though they gutted cities across the country last year and are still rioting in Portland. Biden focuses the crosshairs on “white supremacists.” All 5,000 of them, who committed or planned a total of six acts of “terrorism” in 2020. In other words, he is ignoring the real threat, antifa and BLM, and is trying to blame “domestic terrorism” on a handful of white bogeymen. This is alarming when you consider that an armed mob of black supremacists in Tulsa threatened to “kill everything white in  sight.” A black supremacist recently shot a Florida police officer in the head. He was a member of three black extremist groups, one of which was called the “Not F***ing Around Coalition” (NFAC). He was arrested in Georgia on land owned by NFAC, in a “treehouse.” Let’s call it a compound because that’s what they’d call it if a white guy had shot the cop.

Biden’s constant regurgitation of the myth of white supremacy isn’t just a lie. It’s akin to waving a red blanket in front of a bull. He is urging black violence against cops and white people. Allowing BLM and antifa to attack with impunity sends a one-two message: “Go fight, you won’t be held responsible.” Biden knows that eventually, a white person will retaliate and, viola. We have a “white supremacist” problem. I call that a modified false-flag situation.



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