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Bitter, Crybaby Democrats Want Trump's Name Off Park, Even Though He Donated the Land for It

(Image credit: Alan Kroeger via Wikipedia, public domain)

Bite the Big Apple, Don’t Mind the Maggots

Imagine being so petty that you want Trump’s name stripped from a park on land that Trump DONATED to New York State.

This sadly hateful MSN article is called “Trump’s Name Could Finally Be Stripped From ANY State Park.” The key word here is “finally” as if New Yorkers are suffering from the cruelty of seeing the word “Trump” as they go for a hike. The article goes so far as to call it the “largely unused Donald J. Trump State Park.”

If it’s so unused, why all the bewailing? Just go somewhere else.

Check out the pettifogging attitude from New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman:

“New York’s Senate just gave Donald Trump an early birthday present: we’re stripping his name from a state park,” state Sen. Brad Hoylman, a sponsor of the bill said. “Trump has dishonored the state and should not be honored with a state park named for him.”

I’ve never heard of namby-pamby Brad Hoylman but I’m guessing he sits when he pees. He strikes me as a child. The type of child who steals a kid’s lunch money, hides it in your desk, rats you out as the thief, and then, as the teacher drags you to the principal, goes through her purse.

It appears chicken heart Hoylman lives in New York City. As a former denizen of the Big Apple, I can hypothesize that Hoylman doesn’t even go to Trump Park. Perhaps he drives past it once in a while and the sign reading “Donald J. Trump State Park” hurts his feelings.

Trump donated the 435-acre piece of real estate after his plans to turn it into a championship golf course hit some roadblocks. He bought the land in the early 1990s for $2 million dollars.

Pantywaist libs have been trying to change the name of the Trump park for a while. Here is a milksoppy 2015 petition from called  “Rename Donald J. Trump State Park to… anything else.”

New Yorkers might want to start asking why their state lawmakers, like Hoylman, are wasting time trying to change the name of a “largely unused” park, or chasing scary firecrackers instead of looking into the soaring crime rate that de Blasio, Cuomo, and the rest of the New York Democrats have created in New York City. How many more black kids have to die before the Democrats put away their infantine shenanigans and take their jobs seriously?