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Rebel Rebel, You Got Your Shot?

(Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP)

The Day The Music Died

Rock and Roll, a once-rebellious music form of western music, is officially lamestream. The Foo Fighters are scheduled to play the first full-capacity show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden since COVID-19 shut down most of the country. A ticket will cost you anywhere from $217 to $985 AND a vax passport. Children under 16 can bring documented proof they are COVID-free.

Gone are the days where people would sneak pot into a concert. Now, weed is legal to bring to a show. What is no longer allowed at a rock concert? Defiance.

Rebel Rebel, You Got Your Shot?

Disaffected teenagers of the ’50s, eager to rebel against their squaresville parents, needed an outlet for their frustrations and rock ‘n’ roll was born. Elvis’ hips were too risqué for prime-time TV. Moms and dads were sure it was a phase but the plague of rock and roll was just beginning. In the ’60s, four men from England shocked the nation with their long hair. The Rolling Stones compelled nervous fathers to escort their virtuous daughters to concerts. Albums were burned in an effort to sanctify the young. It didn’t work. The devil’s music had won the soul of America’s teenagers. Until now.

Do You Believe in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Can Pfizer Save Your Mortal Soul?

Rebellious rockers of the past were revered for not toeing the line of normal society. They thumbed their noses at “normal” people. They got addicted to heroin and slept with hundreds of groupies. They took drugs and collected STDs… and the young people loved them for it. Who would think today’s act of young, rock ‘n’ roll defiance would be not getting inoculated against a virus that is 99.8% likely to not kill you. Rock is dead. Long live the status quo.

 We’re Not Gonna Take It, Unless Fauci Tells Us to

I’m not surprised Bruce Springsteen has jumped on the “Rock the vaxxed” wagon. He hasn’t been “rock” for years. When Bruce Springsteen isn’t busy sleeping with someone else’s wife or drunk driving, he gets pretty haughty. He canceled a concert in North Carolina to protest a law regarding where transgender people can relieve themselves. Nothing says “rebellious rocker” like performing on Broadway for people with a vax card. He should call his music “woke ‘n’ roll.” Congratulations, “Boss,” you’ve officially been out-rocked by The Captain and Tennile.

Thank God we still have Van Morrison.