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Crime-at-a-Glance, 5/15/21

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Fiery Irony

A South Carolina woman hoarding gas caught on fire after trying to elude police. A Pickens County deputy attempted to pull over a car that came back as stolen. The driver, Jessica Gale Patterson, decided to make a run for it. Before the deputy could finish his radio call, Patterson flipped her car, causing several explosions within the car. When Patterson escaped the car she was on fire. The deputy pushed her to the ground to extinguish her. She was taken to the hospital, no report on her condition.

Serial Slasher Killer Stopped by SWAT

A SWAT team arrested Ryan Blinston as he was trying to smash through a door and finish killing what would have been his fourth victim. He had already cut the man’s throat.

Blinston worked for a tree-trimming service north of Sacramento, Calif., when he decided to return to clients’ homes and slit their throats. Butte County SWAT had been tracking Blinston on suspicion of murder. In a remarkable, 1-in-a-million stroke of luck they found him at a remote campsite as he was trying to finish off his latest victim.

Sweet Karma

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who famously tried to make an example of Patricia and Mark McCloskey for defending their homes from an Antifa/BLM mob by sporting weapons, will face a disciplinary hearing regarding her attempted prosecution of Missouri’s then governor, Republican Eric Greitins. Gardner hired a private investigator (PI) to look into allegations that the governor was having an affair. The PI was charged with 6 counts of perjury in his deposition. If Gardner knew and allowed the PI to perjure himself, she could lose her law license.

Chicago Typewriter

A mostly peaceful Mother’s Day weekend in Chicago, (12:00 p.m. Friday to 6:00 a.m. Monday), saw 6 people shot to death and another 26 wounded, the highest Mother’s Day weekend gun tally in the last 8 years. Eighty-four people have been shot in the last 7 days. Total Chicago shootings for 2021 are 1,215 shot, 211 of which died. Eighty-one point 6 percent of all shooting victims were black, 14.1% were Hispanic and 4.4% were listed as “white or other.” There have been 8 mass shootings (4 or more victims) you likely didn’t hear about because they don’t fit the mass shooting narrative. The worst mass shooting in Chicago this year was in April when 15 people were shot, two of whom died.

The Power of Christ Compels You to Tase Me

Colorado Springs, Colo., police received 14 calls about a man intentionally ramming vehicles with his pick-up truck and chasing people with a metal pole. Police arrived minutes later and found 48-year-old Yeurashka Graham “actively damaging property with a metal pole.” Graham was ordered to drop the pole but chose to throw it at the cops. He then picked up a “large religious statue,” and threatened to kill a police officer with it, resulting in tasing #1. He managed to pull the tase wires, get on his feet, and once again attack the officers with the statue, resulting in 3 more tasings. He was eventually subdued and arrested for attempted murder, 4 assault charges, criminal mischief and driving under the under the influence. His bond was set for $500,000.