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NYC Subway Slashings Are the New Black


New York governor Andrew Cuomo took a break from his busy schedule of killing the elderly and creeping out young women to finally get something right: “‘Tell your child to ride the subway! It’s safe!’ Yeah, I’m not telling my child to ride the subway, because I’m afraid for my child,” Cuomo said, taking a swipe at Bolshevik-American NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio’s (real name Warren Wilhelm, Jr.) insistence that the subway is safe.

DeBlasio, in a spectacular display of denial, declared, “We now have fewer people in our jails than any time since World War II, and we are safer for it and better for it,” despite a meteoric rise in violent crime. Who knew that letting prisoners out would cause crime to spike? And where does it spike the hardest? In the subway system. Even criminals have to travel.

The surge in subway violence continued early this morning when “two to three” men went on a slashing spree beginning at roughly 4:30 a.m. on a southbound No. 4 train. The first victim was on his way to work when two men approached and tried to stab him. He battled the attackers and fought them off, only to be slashed a few stops later at the Union Square station, where he got off the train to seek medical assistance. The rippers stayed on the train and attacked two homeless men minutes later. One homeless man was punched in the face and another was slashed. A fourth victim was robbed and slashed several minutes after. The attackers threw his cell phone onto the subway tracks and remained on the train.

The suspects apparently turned around and headed north on the D train, where they stabbed a fifth victim in the eye, slashed the back of his neck, and stole his backpack. Two suspects were arrested shortly thereafter. The silver lining to this bloody cloud is that the NYPD said these were not hate crimes. Who wants to get called a name while being stabbed in the eye?

Today’s attacks are not isolated. Subway crime has been soaring since both Cuomo and DeBlasio instituted “woke,” and remarkably stupid, changes in New York regarding bail reform and letting violent prisoners free.

These attacks come on the heels of yesterday’s brazen subway slashing, when a scalpel-wielding duo sliced a man as he sat on a subway bench during morning rush hour in the Times Square station, arguably the busiest station at one of the busiest times.

DeBlasio maintained last week that the subways are safe and Cuomo is “fear-mongering,” despite a double dose of knife play two days earlier when one man was slashed and another was stabbed in the NYC subway system. A man was also stabbed during an argument amongst homeless people on May 10.

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) chairman Patrick Foye and MTA president Sarah Feinberg agree that crime is out of control, at a time when New York City is about to go back to 24/7 subway service (the subway closes for Covid cleaning every morning).

DeBlasio shot back at the MTA and accused them of “fear-mongering” and “actively lying,” even after off-duty subway worker Gerald Sykes was slashed from ear to eye by a man with a box-cutter in an unprovoked attack that required two surgeries.

While DeBlasio publicly states that the subways are safe and that the MTA and Cuomo are wrong, New York City is quietly offering jittery City Hall employees a subway buddy program as they return to work after working from home for the past year.