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The GOP Needs to Confirm Kavanaugh — This Week 

The GOP Needs to Confirm Kavanaugh — This Week 
Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, officiates at the swearing-in of Judge Britt Grant to take a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018 in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

A nation shouldn’t pay out money for hostages because it encourages more kidnapping. A political party shouldn’t throw a good man under the bus over what appear to be false allegations because it encourages more baseless claims against its nominees.

It is very true that Republicans could throw Kavanaugh under the bus and slam through another nominee before the election. Of course, morally that would be wrong because it would put a cloud over Kavanaugh that he doesn’t deserve, but it would also be strategically foolish. If the Democrats can stop a Supreme Court justice with unprovable, unsupported, bad faith allegations from 36 years ago, why wouldn’t they do the same thing to any conservative judge or Republican up for reelection? What sane Republican would want to create a slippery slope like this?

This is a real risk because there are now extremely powerful incentives for liberal women to lie about high-ranking Republicans. Quite frankly, most liberals don’t care if the allegations are true or not and will treat the women making these claims as heroines no matter how flimsy the story (see Anita Hill). Christine Blasey Ford has more than a quarter of a million dollars coming to her through GoFundMe, and would anybody be surprised if she’s given a cushy job or paid massive consulting fees by a liberal organization after this? Then there’s the fame, the walkouts in your name, and the celebrities supporting you. On top of all that, you get to strike a blow against the hated Republicans and again, even if you’re lying, you get to go, “Oh, poor, pitiful me. I’m a victim” while you get pats on the back. I’m not saying that making an untrue accusation in a case like this is all sunshine and roses, but it’s very easy to understand why someone would do so.

Getting beyond that, Christine Blasey Ford’s 36-year-old allegation against Kavanaugh isn’t even remotely credible, based on the information that’s been proffered thus far. She has no time, no date, and no location. She said in her letter to Dianne Feinstein that there were four other people at the party besides herself and every one of those people that she named has denied it. Surprisingly, the allegation made by Deborah Ramirez didn’t even make it a day before it fell apart as badly as Ford’s claim.

Now, Michael Avenatti is claiming that Brett Kavanaugh is somehow involved with gang rapes and as evidence, he’s apparently claiming Kavanaugh’s high school yearbooks have mysterious and evil coded messages in them. Here’s a reasonable question: Isn’t the very fact an accuser is showing up 36 years after the fact and asking a creepy porn lawyer to rep her a sign that the claim, whatever it may be, isn’t very credible?

Meanwhile, unlike the people accusing him, Brett Kavanaugh has testified under oath multiple times and has gone through six FBI background checks, none of which turned up anything like this. If Brett Kavanaugh can be brought down by this sort of nonsense, there is no Republican who can’t. It doesn’t get much more straight-laced than this…

But what about the ramifications of voting Kavanaugh in? Well, admittedly, the midterm poll numbers for Republicans haven’t looked great lately, but that’s usually the case when a party’s president is in the middle of his first term. Additionally, there are at least some indications that the sleazy attacks by the Democrats and the GOP’s thus far strong defense of Kavanaugh are winning some voters over.

At this point, it may be more politically risky for the GOP to jettison Kavanaugh than to stick with him because you can be sure that there would be a massive backlash over it from conservatives whom Republicans desperately need to get to the polls in November.

Voting in Kavanaugh — this week — so he can serve on the Supreme Court in the final quarter is the right thing to do. It will also reduce the incentive for liberals to falsely claim sexual assault in the future. It would also be good for real sexual assault victims because if this type of nonsense is treated as legitimate, it would justifiably make people much more cynical and doubtful of women coming forth in the future.

Last but not least, is anybody on the Right sorry we have Clarence Thomas on the court? Does anyone think that after the similarly sleazy, unforgivable way Kavanaugh has been attacked by liberals that he’s going to fall in with the D.C. cocktail circuit and “grow in office” to become more liberal? It didn’t happen with Thomas and it won’t happen with Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is the right guy and THIS WEEK Republicans in D.C. need to do the right thing and vote him into office.